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Coco does not Believe in 108

“Okay other than 108 stitches in a baseball, 108 beads in a rosary (?) and 108 years since the Cubs won a series it was 108 years ago in 1908 that Jack Norwood wrote Take Me Out to the Ball Game and in 1908 Sam “Wahoo” Crawford played for the Tigers who lost to the […]

AUDIO: Baseball with Tommy G. World Series

  Tommy G. from Sports Tonight talks about World Series. Terry Collins, Lorenzo Cain and Andy McPhail sounds bites…


I woke up this morning and discovered that there was still baseball, the World Series.  It was actually mentioned on the front page of the St. Pete Times in the side bar at the fold.      Okay its two teams that aren’t big draws outside their markets (San Fran-Texas) but it’s the World Series and […]