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By on July 2, 2010

I’m no psychiatrist but I do believe that the term bi-polar would be a safe way to describe our beloved Tampa Bay Rays. Why bi-polar you ask? Well, much like a person with multiple personality disorders, you just never know which team is going to show up on any given night.

Perhaps all of us fans were overly optimistic when the Rays got off to such a good start. What a road team! We quickly jumped ahead in the division and at one point enjoyed a 6 game lead in A. L. East.

I miss those heady, carefree days; almost as much as I miss Pena’s and Upton’s bats. Yeah, I know Carlo’s has been stringing together some homers and recently had a 5 game streak, but for our power guy to be down in the .170’s at any point in the season after April 7th is frankly embarrassing. Although, unlike others, I was never screaming for Madden to dump him. But, I do think Durham might have been a good idea for a couple weeks where he could work out his swing problems without hurting the club.

So, which Carlo’s will show up at the park tonight?

Mr. Upton, may I make a suggestion? Start striking out swinging in my humble opinion. It would certainly be preferable than your habit of watching strike three cross the middle of the plate without so much as a gesture at it. Hey, he’s a darn good center fielder, when he actually puts forth effort.

Longoria is not completely unaffected by the bi-polar blues. He has games where he just seems to fall in love with the breaking ball. Offering at it on many a 3-2 count with a friendly swing that almost begs for the ball to be cooperative. But even I realize this is blasphemy. Evan more than makes up for a few bad at bats by having a solid average, a lot of RBI’s and plays a darn good 3rd base.

[media-credit attachment_id=145 name=”Greg Nelson /Sports Illustrated/Getty Images” width=”200″][/media-credit]

All-Star Carl Crawford has been the most consistent Ray this season; In above photo he gets ready to rip the ball in Texas

God bless you Mr. Crawford. You seem to be the only Ray that plays the same, day in and day out. Excellently. Nuff said.

Pitching. A mixed bag. I will say that I’ve had a real change of heart this year where it concerns Balfour. I used to cringe when he came into a game. Now he’s actually helping the club. Price is throwing great. He will win a couple Cy Young’s before his career is over.

I like how aggressive Joe Madden is on the base paths but I’d like to see a little more of that when it comes to dealing with a few of his players…I’m looking in your direction, B.J.

So c’mon Rays! Let’s get on some Zoloft or some other psychotropic meds and snap out of this Cybil mentality. Be consistently good…or bad. But don’t tease us with the prospect of a great season and then show up the next night like the Bad News Bears. It’s darn hard to take.

To be truthful, even with the hideous month of June we just had, I do like the Ray’s hopes for the post-season. Teams get hot and they get cold. June was mighty chilly…but it’s over.

Go Rays!

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