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By on October 25, 2018

Joe Vitollo for Congress (photo Joe Vitollo campaign)

My recent move back to Upstate New York started with a joke, that lead to a thought, that lead to my wife Wendy and I, actually, against all odds moving.  For myself it was a homecoming, a returning to the Mohawk Valley.  Wendy from Southwestern Ohio, was longing for home with the change of season and escaping the Florida heat which became quite oppressive for both of us.

After a summer trip to the Mohawk Valley in the summer of 2017 and then again, after hurricane Irma, in the fall of 2017.  What I saw in the Mohawk Valley brought tears to my eyes.  The economic decay, boarded up building after building, not even recognizing some of the villages along the Mohawk River, what happened to this once thriving area?

This led to the joke from a friend… “Rick you should move back and fix it!”  Then the thought, maybe I should move back.  I was burned out from hauling sand bags from Irma attack, we had not had our air conditioning off 365 days, this may be the time.

I am back home, Wendy has a new adopted home and I can not get her out of the Adirondacks.  She is convinced the Garden of Eden was in those breath-taking mountains.

Then I had to ask myself, where do I even begin to fix?  That answered eluded me for months. And then last month, I met Joe Vitollo and I immediately knew where to start.  Joe is running for Congress in the NY 20th District and he is as passionate about the fix as I am.

I have been working for Joe Vitollo and I am convinced Joe really cares about the people of Upstate NY and will fight for us in Washington to end the corruption that has decimated our area.

I introduce to you Joe Vitollo for US Congress:


I am a lifelong resident of New York. Like many of you, I experienced struggles in my life. I grew up in a single parent

(photo Joe Vitollo campaign)

home, and was one of six brothers and sisters. My mother worked hard to provide for our family. I would do odd jobs, like shining shoes, to help contribute to my family. I didn’t grow up in a life of privilege. I learned the value of hard work at an early age.

After serving our country in the United States Air Force, I ran a successful construction business for 12 years. My business came to a crashing halt when I fell 30 feet from a scaffold and was nearly paralyzed. After undergoing a difficult struggle, I made a full recovery. With six children to provide for at home, I was almost bankrupt.

I chose to go back to school. I earned my nursing degree from Maria College. I worked as an RN in the ICU unit at St. Peter’s Hospital for six years. I felt incredibly blessed to care for families that were struggling like I struggled.

I know what some people are saying. They’re saying that this race can’t be won because of my opponent’s big political donors, like pharmaceutical companies that are looking for more record profits. I intend on proving the naysayers wrong.

The time to fight for freedom is now. The time to fight for the opportunity to pass on our liberties to our children is always right now—no matter what the odds. I’m running for Congress because I’m deeply concerned about the future of our country. Far too often, our representatives are more interested in attending photo opportunities than actually coming up with real solutions for the serious struggles we face. I will fight for you.

Please join me in the fight for our country. I am running for Congress in the NY 20th Congressional District to promote private enterprise, protect our Constitutional liberties and restore fiscal sanity to Washington.




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