Yeah Baby! Final Four

By on March 24, 2016
(photo USA TODAY Sports Images / Kelly Lambert)

(photo USA TODAY Sports Images / Kelly Lambert)

On the eve of the continuation of what has been the greatest NCAA Tournament of my lifetime so far, I bring to you my 5 fun scenarios for the Final Four…

Final Four #1 (what the NCAA is hoping for):
Kansas, Oklahoma, North Carolina, & Gonzaga

In this scenario, you have 4 teams that could steal the headlines all by themselves. Kansas (great tradition & top overall seed), UNC (great tradition & most talented team), Oklahoma (best player in the country), and of course Gonzaga (Biggest budget & top mid-major program) would combine for ratings heaven & an NCAA’s wet dream. I’ll take Carolina over Oklahoma in the championship of this one, following an amazing Semifinals showdown between Kansas & Oklahoma.

Final Four #2 (Dickie V’s heart attack):
Kansas, Duke, North Carolina, & Syracuse

Yeah baby!!! Could it be any more tailor-made for a weeks’ worth of arse kissing from the game’s top promoter? After listening to him spew accolades for Bill Self, Coach K, Roy Williams, and Jimmy Boeheim, the championship comes down to a one-on-one matchup (literally) between Coach K & the ghost of Dean Smith, with Dickie V as the referee. Gimme Coach K, by a nose.

Final Four #3 (the worst scenario…oh wait, are they playing football?!?):
Miami(FL), Texas A&M, Notre Dame, & Iowa State

In this ratings nightmare for the NCAA, the championship comes down to the Catholics vs the Convicts, of course.
I don’t care who wins, I hate both schools.

Final Four #4 (what I really want to see):
Maryland, Duke, Wisconsin, & Gonzaga

Who doesn’t love Sabonis’s kid? But the Zags magical run ends (they’re the closest thing left to Cinderella, since Notre Dame’s lucky charm took out our darling Paul Bunyan & the ‘jacks from SFA), as Bucky takes them down & then exacts it’s revenge against the Dukies. In spite of Nigel Hayes’s 0 for 23 performance, Koenig drills a deep 3 from 30, right in Grayson Allen’s ugly mug at the gun for the win. One Shining Moment, ring it up!

Final Four #5 (what will REALLY happen):
Maryland, Oklahoma, UNC, & Gonzaga

Like I said, who doesn’t love Sabonis’s kid?!? But alas, they fall to the mighty Tar Heels, and on the other side Maryland’s talent continues to roll & Buddy Hield can’t do it all. In the championship, it’s another (yawn) rung on the ladder for Carolina Blue (booooo)… but what do I know, I had Michigan State winning this whole thing from the get-go!

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