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Tyler McLellan Foundation

(courtesy of The Tyler McLellan Foundation)

Belle Glade, Florida – Former Glades Central Raider James Lee will be back in town in early June for his 4th Annual “Muck City Fest”.  Lee, who is one of many who made it into the NFL through Glades Central High School (via South Carolina State University), will be coming back to his hometown Saturday June 8th at Lake Shore Park in Belle Glade to hold his NFL Football Camp for the kids.

James Lee here in December 2010 with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. (photo by: USPresswire / Kim Klement)

The football camp is free and will start at 10:00am, it is open to both boys and girls ages 8–18.  James will be on hand with many of his NFL friends and along with accredited High School coaches, to give instruction and will include an obstacle course, team races, individual competitions as well as NFL drills.  The best is saved for last, as the NFL players and the kids join teams and play a game of flag football.

James Lee knows everyone in Belle Glade and they know him too.  James grew up in Belle Glade under the watchful eye of his mother Elaine and made it into the NFL.  But he has never forgotten where he came from.  Life wasn’t always pretty for James and his mom as she gave everything she had to her son, everything meaning: discipline, guidance, motivation, love and family.  Growing up in a rough area, a single parent household, James had dreams of being in the NFL as many youth in the Glades area do.  Some make it, some don’t.

In 2010, James Lee was with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and with the help of some friends, made his dream a reality and brought the “Muck City Fest” to Belle Glade for the kids and the community.  He knew as a kid, if he ever made it in the NFL he would come back home and bring his NFL friends with him, for the kids.  The “Muck City Fest” started as a Free Football Camp and has turned into a community event.  Due to his commitment to the community, the 2nd Saturday of June was proclaimed “James Lee Day” on June 12, 2010 in Belle Glade.

(Rocket Sports & Entertainment Network Rick Sassone’s account of the First Annual Muck City Fest in 2010 from July 2010)

Lee, who is currently a free agent, has been recovering from surgery over the last 10 months.  Free agents don’t get paid in the NFL,  they just hope to get picked up by a team and get back in the game they love.  For James, this is about the kids and his community.

In 2011 and 2012, James has shown his desire and commitment to his community through the many events his foundation has either organized or took part in such as: Stop the Violence Walk, Principal For A Day, Boys To Men Mentoring Session, Book Distribution at Glades Academy to mention a few.

In past years, the “Muck City Fest” has seen as many as 325 kids attending this free football camp, the community has seen over 35,000 pounds of food distributed to anyone in need, free screenings and testing, along with a variety of organizations on hand with services available to Glades area residents.  This year will be no different!

Feeding South Florida will also be sponsoring the event for the third year, and will be distributing food to the community at Lake Shore Park. This year, they will be bringing out more than 15,000 pounds of food for the community.

“Feeding South Florida is honored and grateful to be a part of the James Lee Foundation’s Muck City Fest for the third year in a row. We appreciate the opportunity to assist the children and families of Belle Glade, as well as participate in an event that provides so much excitement and support for this community,” said Paco Velez, President & CEO of Feeding South Florida.

In addition to Feeding South Florida, there will also be various community service agencies on hand distributing free information and screenings to everyone.

For those kids in attendance, there will be music (DJ, K-Love) free food for the campers, drinks, popcorn, bounce houses, a water slide, as well as a fire truck from Belle Glade Fire Department for the younger ones.

Sponsors include: The Palm Beach Kennel Club, Howard E. Hill Foundation, Glades Gas & Electric, City of Belle Glade, Feeding South Florida, My Father’s House of Refuge, McDonald’s Belle Glade, Dreamen Photography, Sugar Cane Growers Cooperative of Florida, WSWN Sugar 900, The Tyler McLellan Foundation and State Farm Insurance.


~Keeping His Memory Alive, By Fulfilling The Dreams Of Others~

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