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Brandon Morrow Thursday against the Phillies. (Eddie Michels photo)

DUNEDIN, Fla.—On Thursday this week I wrote about what appeared to be a mental lapse by Toronto Blue Jays RHP Brandon Morrow in the fifth inning of the game against the Philadelphia Phillies.

Well I have been informed that it only looked that way as it was a defensive move to bait the base runner into attempting to steal them put him on the spit and pour on the sauce at second.

Morrow waited an extra amount of time with Juan Pierre on first and the Phillie DH took the bait and took off for second.  When he did Morrow just turned and threw to second where Yunel Escobar was waiting to apply the tag.

According to Morrow and I hope I have this right, “It was a pick and wait, he (the runner) makes the first move.”

It was a good play but I would have had it right the first time except that individuals didn’t want me talking to the player or the manager involved.

Enough said on this for now fans, enjoy the game.               Story from Thursday… Morrow over Lee?  Jays win 2-0

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