Baseball Should Change Opening Day

By on April 7, 2015


Chris Archer, the Tampa Bay Rays opening day starter (photo: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports)

Chris Archer, the Tampa Bay Rays opening day starter (photo: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports)

The Cardinals and Cubs couldn’t give us the same level of excitement as 14 other games…

Hot dogs, apple pie, and beer; baseball season is here.

While the aforementioned staples of spring haven’t changed in decades, one change has angered many baseball fans.

I understand the need to increase revenue streams, I get it. That said, Opening Day in Major League Baseball needs to be exactly that, Opening Day, not night.

Many of you have a difficult time even watching the first game of the season, you know, since much of the country is at work.

I believe baseball would be better served if Opening Day were a one-day event. All 30 teams play on the same day. This gives everyone the same level of excitement, and most importantly, on the same day.

Now, here’s the biggest change; move it to Sunday. Two major bonuses can be acquired here:

1) Viewership numbers will increase because of the games falling on a weekend. Increase in viewership will raise the advertising rates, thus increasing revenue streams.

2) The NCAA Men’s Basketball National Championship is often in direct competition. Final Four games could be played on Saturday, MLB Opening Day on Sunday, followed by the National Championship on Monday.

Take a minute to reflect upon this afternoon’s games. We saw a five-HR outburst by the Red Sox, a dominant 8.2 IP from David Price, and two odd plays at home plate, all before sitting down for dinner.

I mean seriously, did anyone outside of Arizona and California watch the Giants and Diamondbacks game?


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