Bulls and Charlie Strong Take Another on the Chin

By on October 2, 2019
(Photo by Jordan Raiff)

All Photos By Jordan Raiff

Another blowout for the Bulls as the SMU Mustangs improved on their 4-0 record by beating the Bulls 48-21. Dropped passes by the Bulls defenders could of made a difference early, but in addition to their own turnovers, the Bulls were down 35-0 at the half.

“It comes down to execution,” head coach Charlie Strong said after the game. “We’ll get it corrected because we’re better than that.” At this point after being blown out at home twice and not even in the game and after the debacle last season, the future in Tampa for Charlie Strong looks grim. The question is though, “Who would be the right fit? Well while we ponder that, up next for the Bulls is UConn on the road Saturday at Noon

Ready to Run Out of the Gates and Onto the Field (Photo by Jordan Raiff)
At Attention For The National Anthem (Photo by Jordan Raiff)
(Photo by Jordan Raiff)
S. Buechele hands off to Jones for 1 of his 15 Carries, 155 yards and 2Tds (Photo by Jordan Raiff)
Xavier Jones in the Open Field (Photo by Jordan Raiff)
Jones to the House for the Second Time (Photo by Jordan Raiff)
A Mustang Celebration (Photo by Jordan Raiff)
(Photo by Jordan Raiff)
Jordan Cronkrite is slowed down by the Mustang D. He finished with a combined 71 yards (Photo by Jordan Raiff)
Jordan McCloud struggled to find open receivers and finished by going 8-19 for 66 yards and 2 picks (Photo by Jordan Raiff)
(Photo by Jordan Raiff)
(Photo by Jordan Raiff)
This picture sums up the game for the Bulls (Photo by Jordan Raiff)
(Photo by Jordan Raiff)
Senior Shane Buechele hung in there and led the Mustangs with 226, 3 Tds and 1 interception (Photo by Jordan Raiff)
(Photo by Jordan Raiff)
TJ McDaniel gave Jones a breather as the Mustangs put the Bulls away early (Photo by Jordan Raiff)
Blake Barnett had a great game in mop up duty but it was too late. He finished with 222 and 3 tds and looks to be back as the starter. (Photo by Jordan Raiff)
(Photo by Jordan Raiff)
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