Cold Jays

By on February 26, 2012

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DUNEDIN, Fla.–Toronto Blue Jays manager John Farrell (left) surveys his troops Sunday February 26, 2012 as his team goes through stretching exercises at the team’s Englebert Complex.

Temperatures were in the 50’s Sunday causing the need heaver clothing.

Lefty Darren Oliver (below) may be a bit long in the tooth at 41 than most major leaguers but one a bit older has his say to him on Sunday after live BP.
“You’re killing me man,” said Omar Vizquel who turns 45 in April after facing Oliver.  “You should know what’s coming after all these years,” said Oliver.

Eddie Michels photo

Third sacker Brett Lawrie of the Toronto Blue Jays shows he can handle the chill in the air on Sunday when the temperatures were in the 50’s in Dunedin.
A native of Langley, BC Canada Lawrie is being spoken highly of by manager John Farrell.
“He shows up to play everyday, competes for nine innings everyday,” said Farrell, “The biggest thing which we will continue to monitor is when he doesn’t chase off speed pitches out of the strike zone he is as dangerous a hitter I think in the American League.  I know that’s a strong statement but in a short period of time we saw an explosive player.”

Eddie Michels photo

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