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Yankee greats give Derek a hand. Last year it was Tino Martinez in 2012 Goose Gossage (photo by Damon "LatinBox" Gonzalez)

Tampa, Fla.  — It is not just a Foundation but clearly a blessing when founder,  the Captain of

(photo by Damon "LatinBox" Gonzalez)

the New York Yankees, Derek Jeter and his amazing Turn 2 Foundation teams up with the City of Tampa Parks and Recreation Department by opening their fields by hosting the 5th Annual Turn 2 Foundation Tampa Baseball Clinic at the Port Tampa Community Center in Tampa, Florida.

It was a great sunny day for baseball The Clinic focusing on all the teachings and fundamentals utilizing Derek Jeter’s 10 Life Lessons from his book, The Life You Imagine. Successfully with this and help of élite experienced baseball coaches from the Tampa Baseball Clinic worked with hundreds of young exited kids from the ages of 8-13 teaching all phases of the game.

A special guest appearance by former New York Yankee and Hall of Fame pitcher, Richard “Goose” Gossage made his appearance as he gracefully addresses the kids at the clinic as

Goose Gossage shares some stories and encourages the kids to have "the life you imagine" (photo by Damon "LatinBox" Gonzalez)

they gather near the infield diamond.  Gossage: “It has been the toughest sport of all sports that I have ever played, that one time in my life as a youngster turned into a 22 year career, I just have to pinch myself sometimes.”

“Kids I tell you passion is everything, baseball kept me in school, if you put a little into it you get a little, if you put a lot you get a lot. It can get so easy to place too much thinking into winning, but perseverance and just not giving up on you dreams.”

“I was a relief pitcher just like Mariano Rivera. We are what we think we are, we think good things then good things happen, if we think bad things then bad things happen and that is I assure you the worst thing you want to do when you are playing the game or even in life, It’s just that simple.”

A few questions to “Goose” from the kids:  How are you such a good pitcher?

“I had short term memory if I had a bad outing I forgot about it quick, I did not let negative things get to me, I believe that the power of positive thinking is everything we have to really work on this.”

“I tell you kids Derek Jeter is my Idol, I love the way he goes about his business, he is just like all of us a normal guy, wonderful person, you kids

(photo by Damon "LatinBox" Gonzalez)

are the future it is not easy you don’t see behind the scene, the hard work he puts off the field behind the scene, Derek, Cano, Swisher all those guys work very hard day in and day out. You guys can accomplish anything.”

How many saves do you have? “I believe that I have 310 saves, one inning at a time one pitch at a time.”

How did you get the nickname “Goose”?

“When I was a roommates with White Sox pitcher Tom Bradley, he said to me that I needed a nickname he told me “When you are on the mound pitching and you lean your head forward you look like a “Goose” and from that point on the name stuck with me in the clubhouse, then of course the media got a hold of it. When I would give up a home run then I thought I was hearing the fans yell “Goose” LOL but they were really yelling “Boo”.”

I remember it was clocked at 103 mph.”

How many teams did you play for?

“I played for a total of 9 teams, Yankees/Padres/WhiteSox/Pirates/Athletics/Seattle from 1972-1994, and a season in Japan. However growing up in Colorado Springs; I was always a Yankee fan. The seasons were short because of the cold weather.”

When did you become a Hall of Famer?

“I was Inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 2008 and what a great honor.”

Is David Ortiz better then you?

LOL “Oh No Way Not No Red Sox.”

“I can say that I have been Blessed with a great arm in my 22 year career, I struck out around 1,502 batters had 124 wins and 107 losses in my record.”

How many home runs did you give up?

“Oh (LOL) I didn’t remember that, but I do remember George Brett crushing me with one into the upper deck of Yankee Stadium.”

“I loved being a Yankee,  it was great but I will tell you kids when I was a part of bringing the Padres to the World Series wow that city of San Diego experienced that for the first time and that was so awesome you guys to be a part of that run.”

“My coaches throughout my career were amazing they were everything to me, kids you have to work hard and listen to your coaches.” I went to Wasson High School in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I remember pitching a few no-hitters but not one in the majors.”

“I had the number #54 that stuck with me throughout my entire carrier, the biggest award guys I would say was that heavy Hall of Fame Plaque I had to hold up over my head, that’s probably how I hurt my arm (LOL) by lifting it over my head, and yes guys winning the World Series in 1978 and holding that trophy I will remember for the rest of my life.”

“Kids I reinforce to you hard work in anything that you do; you kids can accomplish anything that you want in life.” Kids thank you very much and remember persevere in everything that you do.  Thanks Kids.”

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