8th Year for Turn 2 in Tampa

By on June 11, 2015

Derek Jeter Joins More than 100 Children
at 8th Annual Turn 2 Baseball Clinic in Tampa

photo: LatinBox Communications / Damon Gonzalez

in  photo: LatinBox Communications / Damon Gonzalez

Derek Jeter returned to the baseball field yesterday in Tampa, where he joined more than 100 children at the 8th Annual Turn 2 Baseball Clinic hosted by the Turn 2 Foundation in partnership with the City of Tampa Parks and Recreation Department at the USF Baseball Complex.

The free four-day clinic teaches baseball fundamentals as well as important life lessons. Derek will speak to the participants about his baseball career and the critical role his commitment to education and living a healthy lifestyle played in becoming a successful athlete. Derek will also share the important morals that helped shape his own life, encouraging the children to work hard and follow dreams of their own.

photo: LatinBox Communications / Damon Gonzalez

photo: LatinBox Communications / Damon Gonzalez

The kids were so excited to ask questions to Derek Jeter at the clinic:

Kids: Did you retire because your old?
Jeter: I saw everybody around me getting old, I didn’t want them to feel bad so I retired.

Kids: What do you drive?
Jeter: I drive an SUV.

Kids: Is baseball the only sport you ever played?
Jeter: I like all kinds of sports I played a lot of basketball growing up.

Kids: Do you miss playing with the Yankees?
Jeter: I speak to my friends I miss the guys I played with, yes I miss all my teammates.

Kids: Do you see Michael Jordan?
Jeter: He is like a big brother to me, I’ll tell him you said hello.

Kids: Was #2 your favorite number?
Jeter: I didn’t pick #2 the Yankees just gave it to me, It was the smallest jersey they had.

Kids: Who was the hardest pitcher you ever faced?
Jeter: I would say Pedro Martinez, He was always tough.

Kids: Who do you want to win the NBA Finals?
Jeter: I like Curry and I like Lebron, I think the series will go to Game 7.

Kids: Which was your most memorable game you played?
Jeter: I really don’t have a certain one, I would say all the World Series games.

The Turn 2 Foundation, established in 1996, has awarded more than $20 million to create and support signature programs and activities that motivate young people to turn away from drugs and alcohol and “Turn 2” healthy lifestyles. Through these ventures, the Foundation strives to create outlets that promote and reward academic excellence, leadership development, and positive behavior. Turn 2’s goal is to see the children of these programs grow safely and successfully into adulthood and become the leaders of tomorrow.

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