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This past Wednesday prior to the Houston Astros 10-1 spring training rout of the Toronto Blue Jays a local gentleman by the name of Jeff Fuller showed a debilitating case of memory loss that stretched across the longest unguarded international border.

It seems that Mr. Fuller tried not once but twice to sing the Canadian and United States National Anthem’s failing both times, finishing  neither.  The fans did their job though and got the job done.

Now it appears this gentleman will have nothing done to him despite the fact he made the New York Times and the Washington Post along with going viral.

What has been said here so far is the bulk of the Associated Press story about the game, in fact the score was the only thing mentioned about the game, so for Mr. Fuller neither edge of the sword cut to the quick.

Hopefully this AP writer will escape the blade of the home team PR staff unlike one poor AP writer didn’t 15-years ago.  Back then all that writer did was correct an anthem singer’s use of a word plural word versus a singular then two weeks later ignore an Elvis impersonators cheat sheet to sing the Star Spangled Banner.  The Elvis want to be actually started and stopped once before continuing his vocal struggle.

That AP writer ended up getting banned from covering that particular home team’s regular season games.  He said and wrote nothing yet the sword cut both to and fro.

Now hopefully this AP writer will escape the cutting edge even though it was inappropriate to report this to the world, Mr. Fuller has suffered enough.

 So until then…

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