Don’t Blame Stewie

By on August 13, 2014
Tony Stewart (photo Chuck Green / Cg Photography)

Tony Stewart (photo Chuck Green / Cg Photography)

I’m no racing fan, in fact I can honestly say that I’ve never watched an entire race or more than 10 minutes of race, but I am a fan of common sense and what Kevin Ward did the other night to Tony Stewart was wrong. Yes you read it right; I put 100% of the blame on Ward and ZERO on Stewart.  If I am in a race car, with numerous other race cars speeding by the last thing a person with any common sense does is exit the stationary, yet safe surroundings of my car to walk halfway down the track to point fingers.


Yes I watched the video, yes I saw the conditions of the track and yes I watched Ward mosey on down the track, almost being hit by one car and seconds later he was hit by Stewart. I refuse to blame Stewart for this, just as I refuse to blame drivers that hit fools that run across a freeway, yes it’s the same damn thing. If you want to get out of your car and approach speeding vehicles your common sense has left you.

I know… I’m not showing any compassion here, but you might as well call this a suicide or at least an act of pure stupidity that left one dead and one (Stewart) emotionally scarred for life. Some have said that Stewart accelerated or steered toward Ward, I can understand why he would speed up, have you ever had a crazed lunatic try and approach your car on a dark rainy night? Well I have and the only thing you do is speed the hell up, you get out of that area as fast as possible. Have you thought about that? Maybe Stewart saw a crazed man walking toward his car waving his finger and rather than stop and have Ward attack him he felt the need to speed up and move past him. At least that’s how I see it.


Think about this, had Ward used common sense and stayed in his car he would be alive right now, he could have waited until after the race for the a good round of fisticuffs yet he used poor judgment and  paid the ultimate price for his actions. Maybe this will force the officials to make major changes in the rules about exiting a car during a race, I look at it like this… unless your car is on fire you keep your butt firmly planted in the seat.  Sometimes it takes an act of stupidity to change the rules, maybe it’s a rule that nobody adheres to, maybe Ward felt like he was a super hero and he could stop speeding cars, or maybe he wasn’t strapped in all that well and was delirious and had no idea what he was doing. Although he was moving with a purpose toward Stewart’s car so I’ll have to throw that idea out.


No, I’m pretty sure it comes down to Ward being a little young and hot headed, Stewart did brush his car on a turn causing him to spin out, but that’s a move I’ve seen other racers do, heck I’ve done it racing go-karts, it’s common to see, I’ve seen Talladega Nights I know how it works. I know there is a level of intimidation that goes on in the racing circles (pun intended). I know guys like Stewart that have been around and have made millions are out there punking young guns to help break them in, and that’s all the brush was, intimidation, and Ward took it overboard by getting out and hunting Stewart down.


Nope, I cannot and will not blame Tony Stewart for this, in my eyes he is an innocent victim and to say otherwise would be foolish, not as foolish as jumping out of your race car and walking into the flow of traffic, but still foolish.


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