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By on March 22, 2015


Full Devil Jacket 01

Full Devil Jacket (Photo: Valerie Cason)

The Drowning Pool Unlucky 13 Anniversary *Sinner* Tour stormed into the Beach Boulevard Concert Hall (BBCH) on March 14, 2015 to a raucous and pumped house of fans. A massive EDM nightclub after 1:00am, the BBCH has plenty of space for fans to socialize, chill on the a leather couch, or raise the horns during the performance. The bands began early with Dear Abbey, Mamma Zen, Stone Bone and Fallen Empire all from the local area.

From nearby Lake City, Dear Abbey kicked off the evening with a five song set, including their new single Parasite. The band worked the crowd like pros, and the crowd responded in kind, singing along to their songs. Following Mamma Zen and Fallen Empire, Stone Bone closed out the locals sets before the touring bands.


Russell Allen (photo: Valerie Cason)

Russell Allen (Photo: Valerie Cason)

Adrenaline Mob would be the first of the three tour bands to rock the house, and began with an imposing Russell Allen walking on stage carrying a bottle of Coldcock Whiskey with the Mob is Back pumping through the speakers. Allen would greet the crowd before the band launched into Get You Through The Night and they killed it. The biggest surprise came when they absolutely nailed a performance of the Charlie Daniel’s classic, The Devil Went Down to Georgia and that seemed to raise the adrenaline of the crowd up another notch. The Mob would continue the set with other songs including Judgement Day and Hit The Wall.

A few days after this show, Drummer A.J. Pero passed away and the status for Adrenaline Mob on this tour is up in the air. It is another unfortunate situation for Adrenaline Mob as the band has gone through some very important personnel changes for a band that has been together for such a limited time. Hopefully Mike Portnoy will return to the band to complete the current tour and that they remain an entity, as they are quality musicians and nice guys that are great live and in the studio.

For more info :http://www.adrenalinemob.com/

Mike Orlando 01

Mike Orlando AMOB (Photo: Valerie Cason)

Bassist Erik Leonhardt and Vocalist Russell Allen 01

AMOB Bassist Erik Leonhardt and Vocalist Russell Allen (Photo: Valerie Cason)

In direct support of the tour, Full Devil Jacket was up next after almost a decade of not touring and they showed the level of band they are, as the performance was a powerful and energy filled set. The chemistry and showmanship was so evident every song just made you want to jump on stage with them. They have a new album Valley of Bones dropping on March 31, and played a new release from that album The Moment that is sure to be an instant success for them.

FDJ 03

Full Devil Jacket (Photo: Valerie Cason)

FDJ Keith Foster 01

FDJ Keith Foster (Photo: Valerie Cason)

DPJasen Moreno 01

DP Jasen Moreno(Photo: Valerie Cason)

The headliner for the evening Drowning Pool was outstanding and VOX Jasen Moreno was all over the stage full of energy supported by an equally cranked up CJ Pierce on Guitar and Stevie Benton on Bass. Mike Luce on Drums pounding out the beats to a jumping crowd with numerous instrumental interludes that continued to pump the crowd. One Finger and A FistSinnerPity, and Feel Like I Do, and Hate among others encompassed the set, but nothing gets the fan base moving like the forever popular Bodies. Drowning Pool definitely delivered in the early shows of this tour, and with the energy levels they possess, will certainly carry them as they travel the country performing to legions of fans everywhere.

Drowning Pool 01

Drowning Pool (Photo: Valerie Cason)

DP Mike Luce

DP Mike Luce (Photo: Valerie Cason)

DP (14 of 18)

Drowning Pool (Photo: Valerie Cason)

Drowning pool 02

Drowning Pool (Photo: Valerie Cason)



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