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By on March 25, 2013

Mike Portnoy – Adreneline Mob (photo: Travis Failey /RSEN)

Tampa, Fla.–Adrenaline Mob that is. The supergroup made up of Mike Portnoy of Dream Theatre, Russell Allen of Symphony X, John Moyer of Disturbed, and Mike Orlando played the Orpheum in Ybor City on Tuesday night.  If the name Mike Orlando doesn’t sound familiar, don’t fret, I hadn’t heard of him either other than the first full length release from the band, Omerta. Mike doesn’t disappoint. He’s a phenomenal player and performer and I look forward to listening to his solo efforts, Sonic Stomp 1 & 2.

There wasn’t a big crowd at the venue and I won’t accept the Tuesday night excuse, but it doesn’t matter.  The people who were there got treated to an unbelievable performance by true professionals who are at the top of their game.

They opened up the set with Psychosane and moved seamlessly through it to the crowd favorite, Indifferent.   The close out the set was the Black Sabbath’s classic, The Mob Rules.

John Moyer-Adrenaline Mob (photo:Travis Failey / RSEN)

Russell Allen – Adrenaline Mob (photo: Travis Failey / RSEN)

Indifferent is one of my favorite songs from the last five years and was recently played on Sirius’ Octane for a good cycle. Judging by the crowd, it doesn’t look like they built up some traction in Florida but I believe Adrenaline Mob will pick up some steam after they release Omerta’s next single,  All on the Line.

All on the Line, according to vocalist Russell Allen, is a song that he wrote with guitarist Mike Orlando.  The song’s about Allen’s daughter and their battle with her autism. She was diagnosed with autism at 13 months. It’s a heartfelt song that will move you especially knowing the background of the song.

Earlier in the day, Adrenaline Mob did an acoustic set at a local radio station’s studio, and showcased All on the Line along with Indifferent, Angel Sky and a cover of Duran Duran’s Come Undone.

(photo: Travis Failey / RSEN)

Not only is Adrenaline Mob out touring to support Omerta, but they also recently released a covers album of old school favorites, Coverta. This release features a variety of music and styles ranging from The Doors’ Break on Through, Badlands’ Highwire & Van Halen’s Romeos Delight.  If the Van Halen brothers decide that’s it’s time for another change, Russell Allen is the person to call.  He handles the vocals on these tracks with precision, but makes them his own.  I usually don’t care for cover songs, but the quality of these covers will make you want to hear more. Adrenaline Mob also does a great job on their version of “Barracuda” by Heart. If you are looking to pick up add some great music to your collection, these two releases are must haves.

Mike Portnoy and John Moyer made it seem like these guys have been playing together for years.  Both of them are seasoned veterans from their time in their previous bands and Moyer has been with Adrenaline Mob for a little over a year now since Disturbed went on a hiatus. Portnoy is the most known player in the band and is considered one the best drummers by his peers and fans worldwide.  To see him play in such an atmosphere in a venue this small, was truly a special event.

Another highlight from Adrenaline Mob‘s set was Omerta’s first single, Undaunted. Undaunted is the definition of an anthem and the crowd did their part singing every word.

After the band closed the set with The Mob Rules, they hung out, took pictures and signed for their fans. These guys are a very grounded bunch and seem to appreciate the people that came to the show to support them.

Opening the night was a local band, From this Fire. I only caught about four of their songs, but when you take a minute to listen, you will continue to. Their melodies and composition are veteran worthy, and they’ve only been together as this group for 3 years. These guys deserved to share the stage with their heroes, Adrenaline Mob.

For more info on From this Fire

Traveling with Adrenaline Mob and playing next was Nothing More from Texas.  They put on a fantastic stage show utilizing multiple percussion instruments and a swinging bass on a pedestal. They also have a solid vocalist in Jonny Hawkins. He has a great range and also plays the drums and does the programming. Highlights from their set were: Salem & Fell in Love with a Ghost off their debut release:“The Few Not Fleeting”. I’ve been playing this for days now and I find the material to be refreshing in comparison to a lot of new music being released.

This is not your run of the mill, pop rock top 40 band, these guys play with originality and when you witness their performance, you’ll walk away saying “Ive never seen that before.”

For more info on Nothing More:

Nothing More (photo: Travis Failey / RSEN)

All in all it was a great night for fans of this genre of music as they were engulfed with new sounds, interesting performances and superior songwriting by veterans and two up and coming bands in a small venue.

For more on Adrenaline Mob and their other ventures:

(photo: Travis Failey / RSEN)

(photo: Travis Failey / RSEN)

(photo: Travis Failey / RSEN)

(photo: Travis Failey / RSEN)






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