Larson Edges Out Russell in New Smyrna

By on August 15, 2010

New Smyrna, Fla—(RSE) It only rains in Volusia County when New Smyrna Speedway tries to have a big Super Late Model Race.  Last time it rained here was the week of July 4, when the Florida All Stars Tour race at New Smyrna Speedway was rained out.  That race is rescheduled for September 4th.  The last chance for the SLM cars to prepare for the Clyde Hart Memorial Sept 4th was Saturday night at NSS.  It rained.

There were scattered showers throughout Volusia County this week for the first time since early July.  New Smyrna did not escape the rain.  The 5th race of the Brighthouse Challenge Series was scheduled to begin at 7:30 pm.  The rain stopped about that time and track drying efforts began.  A bit over an hour later the night’s activities began. Three heat races and three preliminary features; the Late Models took to the track for their 50 lap event.

Youngster Ben Kennedy set a fast time with a 17.4 second lap and started 7th after the draw for starting position.  Justin Larson sat on the pole and pulled away from Tim Russell at the start of the race.  Outside pole-sitter Jeff Scoffield dropped to third followed by David Rogers, Rich Clouser, B.J. McCloed and pole-sitter Ben Kennedy.

Todd Allen started 9th and was able to improve his position by two spots by the time the caution flew for the first time on lap 34.  Zach Zonadi had trouble coming off of turn; racing with Brandon Booth, he spun out and was out of the race.

[media-credit attachment_id=1880 id=6 align=”alignright” width=”190″]Brandon Booth[/media-credit]

#127 Brandon Booth

Once the green flag flew again, Larson was able to once again to pull away from Tim Russell.  There was a gaggle of cars fighting for third place as New Smyrna Speedway has a fantastic rule requiring restarts to begin two wide.  As David Rogers fought Jeff Scoffield, Rich Clouser, BJ McCloud, Ben Kennedy and Todd Allen, the car of Jeff Scoffield came to life as he was able to maintain and hold off 3rd place.

With nine laps to go, Ben Kennedy, running 7th, would see his night come to an end.  As he exited turn 2, he drifted high and scrubbed the outside wall.  The contact broke something on the car, sending him hard into the outside turn 3 wall.

On the restart, Justin Larson was once again able to pull away from Tim Russell and the battle for third heated up even more.  Scoffield was able to gain the edge over Rogers, as BJ McCloud slid back in the famous #92 owned by The King of Florida short tracks, Dick Anderson.

[media-credit attachment_id=1909 id=6 align=”alignright” width=”190″][/media-credit]

Tim Russell (36) is aside Jeff Scofield (07) as they chase eventual winner Justin Larson at New Syrmna Speedway.

Nobody had anything for the front two as Larson had the field covered until Russell was able to reel him in with four laps to go.  As the white flag flew, Russell, charging hard, made a move to the high side in 1 and 2.  Larson shut the door there; but Russell gave it another shot on the final turn.  As they exited turn 4, coming down for the checker, Russell was able to stick his nose to the outside of Larson.  Larson pushed high and touched Russell’s left front with his right rear, thereby impeding Russell’s momentum, allowing Larson the take the big win.

[media-credit attachment_id=1871 id=6 align=”alignright” width=”300″][/media-credit]

Justin Larson has his #88 Monte Carlo running strong on his way to the checkered flag at New Syrmna.

Larson was apologetic in victory lane, acknowledging that the victory was indeed a great prelude to next month’s big Clyde Hart Memorial.





1. #88 Justin Larson 10. #31 Brian Blum
2. #36 Tim Russell 11. #34 Shaughn McCormick
3. #07 Jeff Scofield 12. #5 Shane Snipes
4. #9 Rich Clouser 13. #23 Rusty Ebersole
5. #11 David Rogers 14. #96 Ben Kennedy
6. #55 Todd Allen 15. #9z Zack Donatti
7. #92 BJ McLeod 16. #7 Doug Elliott
8. #127x Kyle Maynard 17. #13 Bob Greene
9. #127 Brandon Booth DNS #0 John Kennedy
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