Marty Friedman and His Inferno at the State Theater

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Marty Friedman (Photo-Travis Failey 2016)

Megadeth is on top of the world back in the mid 90’s after releasing Cryptic Writings. The songs “Trust and “Almost Honest” are charting well and the chemistry seems to be magnetic from an outsider’s perspective. Things aren’t always what they seem as Dave Mustaine would dismiss drummer Nick Menza from the band. Highly respected guitarist Marty Friedman would leave soon after the release of Megadeth’s next album, the aptly named Risk, which was filled with singles that were light years away from what made Megadeth old school fans gravitate to them.

Marty Friedman would go over to Japan and start an exclusive and extensive career making the music that he wanted to make. He has evolved into a well respected guitar player throughout the world and has released multiple albums with some success in the States but has attained a massive following over in Japan. He has also lived there since 2003 and is a familiar face on Japanese tv where he has hosted the shows Rock Fujiyama and Jukebox English.


Marty Friedman (Photo-Travis Failey 2016)

It’s interesting walking into a venue when you don’t not know what to expect and at the State Theatre in St. Petersburg with Marty Friedman, this was one of those nights. Out on tour in support of his 2014 release, Inferno, Marty Friedman and his crew played to a packed house in St. Petersburg.


Kiyoshi Manii (Photo-Travis Failey 2016)

A lot of times musicians leave their founding bands or the bands that they had the most success with to go on to do solo projects or create super groups. Many of them can’t hold their own or their sound becomes redundant or stale.
What Marty Friedman did to eliminate any thought in regard to this is to surround himself with three amazingly talented musicians in guitarist Jordan Shipp, drummer Chargeeee, and a new comer that can be put into the ranks of the great bass players.

Kiyoshi Manii mesmerized the crowd with her sound and style on the five string bass on “Hyper Doom”, the opening song of the night from the Inferno record. She also provided an additional voice when she sang the lead on the classic “Higher Ground.” She was amazing and worth the price of admission. Exceptional bass tones that were comparable to Billy Sheehan and Stu Hamm.


Chargee (Photo-Travis Failey 2016

Chargee on drums was show himself. He connected with fans through his drumsticks and facial expressions and brought non-stop energy throughout the set. Reminds me of Tommy Lee or Arejay from Halestorm.

Their set was filled with predominately original music with some anomalies thrown in. For those who wanted to hear a ton of Megadeth music, well they were sadly disappointed. He did include a piece from “Tornando of Souls” and the aforementioned “Higher Ground” by Stevie Wonder but the biggest highlight for one fan was when he was brought on stage to play with the band.


Marty Friedman, Ben Clark & Jordan Shipp (Photo-Travis Failey 2016)

Ben Clark was escorted up on stage and jammed like he belonged up there and didn’t disappoint. Some players would of melted in that spotlight and Ben shined. After Ben left the stage, Marty and his band toasted the crowd by raising their cans of Stella and finished the night with a medley of “Hound Dog” “Thunder March” & the “Ballad and the Barbie Ballads.”


Marty Friedman (Photo-Travis Failey 2016)

For the encore, Marty Friedman would close out the night with Kaeritakunattayo, a cover song originally done by Ikimonogakari.

It was a song many didn’t recognize as were many songs from the evening buy it didn’t matter. Marty Friedman at the State Theatre solidified his guitar hero status among the likes of Wylde, Vai and Satriani. Hopefully for those not in attendance and that missed an orchestra of sound, Marty and his band mates will be back touring in the States sooner than later.

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Kiyoshi Manii (Photo-Travis Failey 2016)


Ben Clark (Photo-Travis Failey 2016)

WS1 (1 of 1)

Chargee (Photo-Travis Failey 2016)


Marty Friedman (Photo-Travis Failey 2016)


  • Hyper Doom

  • Amagigoe

  • Street Demon

  • Elixir

  • Stigmata Addiction

  • Devil Take Tomorrow

  • Tibet / Angel

  • Kyioshi Bass Solo

  • Asche zu Asche / Forbidden City / Tornado of Souls

  • Ripped

  • Jordan Ziff Guitar Solo

  • Inferno

  • Undertow

  • Dragon Mistress

(with band intros)

  • Hound Dog

(Big Mama Thornton cover) (Marty on vocals)

  • Thunder March / Ballad of the Barbie Bandits

  • Kaeritakunattayo

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