An Exclusive Interview with the BKFC’s Britain Hart And New Husband, Joey Beltran

By on July 22, 2021
BOXR Team (Photo-Jordan Raiff)

Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship once again will shine in Tampa at the Fairgrounds and Britain Hart coming off her huge defeat of Paige VanZant sat down with Jordan Raiff and discussed her upcoming fight, her new marriage and….tacos?

(Photo-Jordan Raiff)

Jordan Raiff : I’m here with Brittan Hart and Joey Beltran.

As I said earlier to both of you separately, and now I want to say to you again, AGAIN, congratulations to the both of you. I wish you both many years of very happy and very successful bliss together. Not only in BKFC, but in life as a couple, That being said, you two would now be considered to be the absolute top tier, front runners for BKFC’s first ever true, legitimate, established, power couple (Joey cracks up). How do you guys feel about that?

Joey Beltran :Yeah, I mean, it’s definitely not opinion now, it’s facts for sure. I mean, I have the title. She’s about to be in a position to fight for the title real soon. So you know, it’s all good. As Kid Rock says, it’s not cocky if you f*ckin back it up.

Britain Hart: I think I told Joey the same thing, you know, I think we were like, oh, we’re going to have a lot of haters, not, I actually had a feeling. I was like, you know what? I really don’t think we are. I think a lot of people like I see greatness and just so much good in Joey. Like when he works with kids, and helps the other fighters that are less fortunate. And, um, you know, perhaps maybe he doesn’t, you know, he’s got a humble character where he doesn’t realize how special important it really is, and the effect he has on people’s lives. And I know that for myself too, just my background and where I’ve been, the effect I have on people’s lives. So you just take two people like that and put them together. I just feel like now, not only are we inspiring, you know, his group of like male athletes and combat sports and people back in California. And I have, you know, females and young girls that I help motivate and inspire and athletes back on the East Coast. Now, when you put us together now we’re inspiring all those, and then also couples and relationships, and then, you know, to do things that you love together. And then, you know, we only have one life to live, and we should really focus on being happy and it’s not hard. You wake up every day and live happy. You do what you want. and you want to chase your dreams and then that’s getting married to your best friend and your other half, then do it.

(Photo-Jordan Raiff)

Jordan Raiff : I could not agree with you more. And you touched on something, actually that to me is something I’ve noticed. Especially with you working with the all female sparrings down in Miami, and I caught little bits of it that had appeared on social media, and I just, I got to say, that’s phenomenal. That’s something as a father of a 14 year old girl, that’s something that speaks near and dear to my heart. Because just like up here having the six women up there for the three fights, it’s something that my daughter, she notices, she bites on as you and I were talking about earlier, she sees that influence. She sees that, f*ck the bs, you can make your goals and you both are just paving the the way for people to do this in fights; and it’s not to say that there haven’t been the others before you who’ve paved the way, but you’ve really picked up as the steam roller and the shovels and continued pushing it out. It’s phenomenal to see. You don’t see that these days in many combat sports, it’s just amazing to see this with you guys. I know with the Dave Diaz/Dave Stubborn however he wants to call it today, you two have really pushed him and his brother and working with BOXR and everything, you guys seem to have really gotten a lot out of them, and gotten a lot of change going on in their lives from the little bits that I get to see here, and hear about. So I can only imagine the people that I don’t know how much of a reach you guys have. And just to me, it’s phenomenal.

Joey Beltran: Yeah. I mean, ultimately like, to be able to continue to do what we love, and still have a positive effect on other people, it’s nothing, nothing really better.

Britain Hart: Yeah. I mean, and really to touch on that; like the female sparring, you know, is so awesome and something, you know, that a lot of people out there, I really can forget. And they’re selfish and kind of keep themselves like, ‘oh, I can’t, you know, I have a fight coming up, we’ve got to really focus on, we got to rest’ and I’ve always been like that. Like I remember when I made a commitment to go up to Pennsylvania to do a children’s clinic, I got a fight kind of last minute, and my coach was like, ‘absolutely could not go to PA’. You know? And I was like, well, I told them that I would go and do that first. So actually I had to make that drive all the way to PA, it’s like a nine hour drive just to teach this kids boxing turn right around and come back, and you go to Texas, like four days later to fight. So it was just, you know, it’s just stuff like that. You gotta make sacrifice and know that, you know, being true to your word and being true to your character, you know, is, it’s really important. And especially in combat sports, because in the ring, that’s what really comes out.

(Photo-Jordan Raiff)

Jordan Raiff : I couldn’t agree more. It really shows that true depth of character. That true depth of heart and motivation definitely comes out. So with that being said, let’s get into the fight coming up here on Friday night. I noticed, you know, as you guys talked about during the presser, there’s no real animosity between you two. What do you see going into the fight as your biggest strength that you’ve picked up this camp compare to last one, because that one you absolutely just took Paige Vanzant, ran for the Hills, took the win. What did you change? What changed up this camp aside from the growth, obviously between the two of you, but what really changed for you as a fighter during this camp?

Britain Hart: For me, as a fighter. I feel like I’m way more competent in my natural ability to be aggressive, and be in the inside and work the clench, which is something people always doubted me on, but I don’t know why. Because I always excel there. But, um, another thing focusing on, I think a lot of people do critique me on, on power. And so really focus on power and gaining control in this camp over the few months. Um, so I think that’s new and different and I’m really excited for people to see that difference come July 23rd.

(Photo-Jordan Raiff)

Jordan Raiff: Outstanding. Outstanding. I think there’s definitely like a noticeable, like seeing you up in the ring, seen you up on stage. There’s definitely a noticeable difference in the presence in the way your stance is. It’s just, it’s more, I don’t want to say positive because that’s not the right word, but it’s more endearing, more strong, just more just right out there, ready to strike fear into other people, and it’s, excellent to see. Now with that being said, coming up to the fight here, the one thing that I always see people posting up is after the weigh ins, that first fight, that first pre-flight meal after weigh-ins what’s on it for you this time.

Britain Hart: Everything!! No, it’s been a while since, you know, I’ve cut weight. Cause I normally walk around and that’s again, the biggest difference in this camp is, I’ve actually put on 10 pounds of muscle. So, um, it’s funny cause I, I weighed like 123 back when I fought Paige, but I was like 18% body fat, and now I’m like 133, but 17% body fat. So that’s like crazy when you think of it like that. So for me I’ve been really, um, self-disciplined in this camp on eating really good, you know, on protein and um, kind of being cautious moving forward. Cause I do want to make weight. So I’ve been really good. So I really can’t wait. So after I waited and I told them all that I have a heavyweight diet champion, like tastes that…just eat everything, but I’m sure it’s going to be so much fun. I can’t wait. Um, you know, obviously I don’t do like the fried food or eat bad, you know, the day before I fight because I do so believe good fuel in your tank, but I’m going to eat a lot of good fuel.

Jordan Raiff: I like that. I like that. Definitely good to stay away from the bad foods right before the flight a little bit afterwards. Sure. But at that time, definitely not. I want to ask you guys just five last things and I want to do this a little different, something I haven’t done before, but something I want to try with you two, since this is the first power cup with BKFC. Five words. I’m going to throw them to you one at a time. I just want the first thing that comes into both y’all’s heads.

Britain Hart: We actually play this game on tour though. It’s so funny. We’ve done practice, but we’ll do it because we’re good at it. We like that.

(Photo-Jordan Raif

Jordan Raiff: No, that’s awesome that you guys have done it before. It definitely makes it a lot, a lot easier going through with that.

Jordan Raiff: Instead of one word, we’re actually just going to go with statement and then wherever you guys want to go with it.

Britain Hart: Got it.

Jordan Raiff: Gloved boxing versus bare knuckle.

Joey Beltran: Total different worlds.

Britain Hart: I love bare knuckle. I absolutely think it’s amazing. You gotta be crazy. You gotta be a special breed. Those athletes are great. Um, but I do feel like being in bare knuckle, I feel like freaking wonder woman in boxing. Like when I put gloves on I’m like ‘nothing in the world can hurt me’, but in bare knuckle and gotten a little bit more as far as, you know, cautious. So it just helps bring the confidence out in gloved boxing. So, so obviously if I’m going to be, you know, indestructable, I would go with boxing, but I do love bare knuckle as a whole and watching the fights. But then again, I will say there’s a difference there too, because BKFC is dynamite. Awesome. But we just went to BYB and that shit was like, God, oh my God, I would rather watch a glove boxing any day than that.

(Photo-Jordan Raiff)

Jordan Raiff: Long vacations.

Britain Hart: YES!!!

Joey Beltran: Love em!! I haven’t really had one, but I know I’d love it.

Jordan Raiff: Okay. Um, roadtrip or fly?

Britain Hart: Fly. We’ve had several road trips and we’re done with them

Joey Beltran: Fly.

Jordan Raiff: Steak or lobster?

Britain Hart: Lobster.

Joey Beltran: It really depends on how they cut the steaks. I mean, I would say lobster rolls. Anybody can put it on a nice little toasted bun…so lobster rolls.

Britain Hart (10:48):

MMMM Good good!!

Jordan Raiff (10:50):

Good stuff, good stuff. Alright. Taqueria or food truck?

Britain Hart: Food truck.

Joey Beltran: One of those TAQUERIA. Yeah. Straight on the corner. We got to go to one in LA next time we’re back in California, cause it’s so good.

Jordan Raiff: Training on the beach, training in a pool? As far as doing a weight cut for resistance.

Joey Beltran: I hate sand for all the wrong reasons.

Britain Hart: It’s worth it though.

Jordan Raiff: It’s New Year’s Eve 2021. Where you guys see yourselves, both in terms of ringing in the new year. And where do you two see yourselves in life?

Joey Beltran: Uh, I see myself defending the title a successfully for one more time on my way to five. So that’d be number three. And of course spent ringing in the new year with my wife and probably, somewhere out of the country.

Britain Hart: Oh, I was going to say baby making (laughs).

Joey Beltran: Well yeah…

Jordan Raiff :I kind of figured that was a given. Which actually leads me to one last thing. That’s not tied into these five responses. Your daughter, I assume she’s incredibly happy to be getting her step father today; correct?

Britain Hart: You know what? We haven’t even told her. So we’re hoping that she can come down to the fight. So I’m trying to finagle that, cause that would be like dynamite. And then she’s going to go to California with us and we’ve already told her we have a Disney World trip planned for her, and I was actually thinking about kind of breaking it, um, to while we’re there, be like, well, you know. I want to make it magical for her. You know, I don’t want it to be like a phone call. ‘Hey Paris…’, You know? Cause she lives in Charlotte. So it’s kind of hard. Um, but I would like it to be like more, in-person more like…

Joey Beltran: Magical moment.

Britain Hart: Magical moment, for her to know, rather than just being like, ‘Hey, mom’s off, you know, getting married without your blessing’ type of thing. But she loves Joey. And last time that they met, yeah. They ended it on a pillow fight though.

Jordan Raiff: That’s awesome!!

Britain Hart: And her calling him her servant and they were so cute though. They ended on a really good note. So I can’t wait to come back on that and do something. We’re probably going to do something really cute for her.

(Photo-Jordan Raiff)

Jordan Raiff: Outstanding. Outstanding. Well, thank you both very much for your time. I’ll let, y’all get out of here.

Britain Hart: Thank you, thank you.

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