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Orlando Fernandez does not have any problems at all telling his fighter to keep the jab in their face.  A protégée from the late great Al Gavin, Orlando worked with the Former WBC Featherweight Champion Kevin “Flushing Flash” Kelley and many other talents in boxing, but is currently in the corner with Legendary Trainer Jimmy Williams and Former WBC, IBF & WBA World Champion Antonio “Magic Man” Tarver. A long and successful road for Fernandez who developed the art of  the Trainer, Cut-man and Mitt-Man.

Fernandez would go through hell and back with fighters just to make sure that they were properly wrapped. Fernandez is one of Boxing’s rising corner men in the sport today, extremely talented in his craft, enduring critical situations during a bout and just well rounded and respected dearly in the State of Florida and the Boxing Community.

Fernandez travels to gyms during his time in the Tampa area and works with the young fighters for the future of the sport. A relationship between a trainer and a fighter is different all the time.  Fernandez pushes his fighters he knows are hungry for the sweet science.

Fernandez, an active member of the Florida Boxing Hall of Fame and spends hours working with Hall of Fame coordinator Kathy Flansburg on all the logistics involved to such an extraordinary event here in Florida.

Fernandez clearly fills the void. Corner men look for the quick fix; that is not the position Fernandez takes at all.  Often the case, fighters will get head butted or cut by a shot in the exchange and Fernandez lives for this. He jumps right in the corner with the team,  hands on and calmly works on his fighters with much confidence and passion. The  fighters are worked on clearly with  the best professional effort by Fernandez so they can continue.

Fernandez believes for a fact,  that Antonio Tarver will be a Champion again.   He says it is such an honor to be in his corner and work very hard as Tarver is looking amazing at this time and the world will see that the hard work will pay off.


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