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Orlando, Fla.–Amos Cowart who I believe is a young and extremely talented fighter out of Florida. Cowart however,  finds himself in a Catch-22. He’s too dangerous for top lightweights, clearly you just get a feeling when he steps into the ring there,  lurks a fighter capable of beating many of today’s better known lightweights. 

Cowart (10-0-1, 5 KO’s) this past Saturday night in front of a huge crowed at the Orlando Events Center scores a devastating TKO victory at 1:41  of round one over Marlon Lewis (6-5-2, 3 KO’s) by shooting a hard upper cut that drops Lewis right to the canvas with referee Frank Santore quickly waving off the contest. It was clearly an opportunity for Cowart to shine.

Moises Carrasquillo Jr. will step in the ring with anyone who is willing to swap punches with him with a lot of comers wisely avoiding him. He may present himself with a style that translates like a Felix Trinidad, a slow starter but once the switch is turned on, it’s turned up. In the co-main event Orlando’s Moises Carrasquillo, Jr. (7-0, 5 KO’s) dominates Arnold Hill (3-10, 2 KO’s) stopping him in five rounds.

Carrasquillo, Jr. walking down Hill with hard shots to the head and body. Hill was having problems with his timing not able to counter the quick shots from Carrasquillo Jr. After two rounds Hill goes into the third out punching Carrasquillo Jr. and landing the higher percentage shots breaking down Hill who fights in retreat. A tremendous round four for Carrasquillo Jr. exchanging the harder blows and Hill was absorbing way too much punches but found a way to fire back from the assault coming from Carrasquillo,Jr. who stepped on the gas landing shots driving hill back to the ropes as referee Andrew Glenn call a halt to the bout at 1:08 of round 5 TKO win for Carrasquillo,Jr. 


In the opening bout of the night at the Orlando Live Events Center, Julian Valerio (1-2) takes a counter to the head in the corner that drops him in round one as Joshua Medina gets off to a flash start. Valerio quickly came back off the floor and jabbed his way back into the contest. Medina starts off quick letting his hands go but Valerio having nothing off it out punched Joshua Medina (0-1) winning the counter punching by fighting tall in round two. Both fighters exchanging vicious blows and Medina is not able to dodge the jab from Valerio who continues to press the action. In the final round Medina finding his way inside working the body of Velario who just kept coming made it a very exciting fight but in the end it was Valerio winning  by majority decision 38-37 on all judges scorecards. 

Lightweight Joshua Pagan goes to (3-0, 1 KO) on cruise control out working the slower Cleveland McLean en route to a unanimous decision winning 40-35 on all judges scorecards. Cleveland never really fared well against Pagan in the contest who fought up to his skillful ability and quality of punches onrushing Cleveland throughout the contest giving him more then he could handle.

Super Middleweight Craig “Danger” Duncan (5-0, 4 KO’s) a local favorite from Apopka, Florida used his range to easily pick apart William Harris in a one sided unanimous decision 40-35 on all judges cards for Duncan who fights blunt took advantage of the hands down Harris who didn’t fare well in firing back or protecting himself from the shots coming from Duncan.  At a glance I took notice to his ring behavior before every attack would back kick the corner post leading to disqualification disaster in higher completion fight cards. Over all Duncan apparently still growing in the sport handled himself well in there. 

Alexander Roman (2-0) meeting Le Jea Bolden (0-2) in the center of the ring with hard exchanges.  Bolden who is a tough customer smartly cuts the ring inviting the exchanges, with Roman using good movement landing hard left hooks to the face of the on coming Bolden. In the mid rounds Roman is pressing the action getting good looks and landing the cleaner punches. Bolden with a huge heart continues to battle Roman but it was Bolden who came up short losing the unanimous decision 40-36 on all judges scorecards for Roman.

Middleweight Phillip Penson (7-0-2, 2 KO’s) was game by pounding Ricardo Planter in six rounds scoring a unanimous decision win judges score 60-54 all for Penson. 

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