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Jonathan “Polvo” Oquendo (black trunks) attacks Guillermo “El Borrego” Avila in Kissimmee Friday night (Photo By Magda Iturrino)

Kissimmee, Fla. —  All Star Boxing, Inc. brings another exciting night of Boxing to the Kissimmee Civic Center to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of #BoxeoTelemundo in-front of a sold out crowd.

Super bantamweight contender Jonathan “Polvo” Oquendo (24-3, 16 KOs) scored a twelve round unanimous decision over Guillermo “El Borrego” Avila (12-2, 9 KOs) on Friday night at the Kissimmee Civic Center. Oquendo dropped Avila in round five en route to a 116-111, 117-110, 116-111 victory and the WBO Intercontinental belt.

Round 1:  Action as Oquendo starts off by coming forward landing shots to the body & head of Avila who quickly counters Oquendo and starts fighting inside, landing solid hooks to the temple of Avila.

Round 2: Avila started the round attacking Oquendo quick doing a great job by cutting the ring forcing the action, Avila having a better round two kept Oquendo off balance in the countering.

Round 3: Naturally Avila looked to jump right in there and press the action against Oquendo, But the hard hitting Avila started off the round with solid punches early in the round Oquendo turned it by exploding with straight right to the face off Avila causing a mouse on his right eye, Oquendo pressure sealed him the third.

Round 4: Avila showing good quickness on his feet,  continued to attack Oquendo who showed very good defense in the round by blocking punches. Oquendo showing no respect for Avila’s power stays close landing power shots in the inside creating good punching opportunities winning him the round in a very close fight.

Round 5: Both meet in the center of the ring and Oquendo exploded with a left hook that sends Avila right to the canvas. Avila took it personal as he got up jumped right on Oquendo, but made the mistake of staying too close to Oquendo who continues to come on in the round. Avila certainly came to fight showing huge heart battling Oquendo right threw his fire punches.

Round 6: Avila throws a sharp right hook to the body of Oquendo trying to get him to commit. Oquendo triple jabs his way in lands a solid uppercut to the face of Avila. No question Oquendo looks to be controlling the pace of the fight.

Round 7: Oquendo starts off the rd landing a big right hand to the head of Avila who responds by attacking Oquendo in the inside, Oquendo caught in the inside with an accidental head butt over the right eye.

Round 8: I always have been a huge fan of a fighter that uses the double uppercut and Oquendo landed it flush, as Avila starts fighting going straight back, now I have the fight 6-3 Oquendo.

Round 9: Avila showing big heart but not applying enough pressure by letting his hands go at this point of the fight, Oquendo continues to have his way with Avila whose pace continues to slowdown.

Round 10: Oquendo continued to pressure the oncoming and tired looking Avila. Oquendo caught Avila flush with a nice right hand followed by a left hook. Avila showing great heart by not giving in to Oquendo in this what is a technical fight.

Round 11: Avila having a little of a better round, he is taking shots but giving them with keeping his jab in Oquendo’s face. Avila came on towards the end of the round winning it.

Round 12: Avila certainly needs a knock out to win the fight. Oquendo sustaining more aggression by pressuring Avila in this the final round. Avila is not able to finish off strong and takes a hard straight right from Oquendo that staggers Availa at the bell to end the fight.



Undercard Results from Kissimmee, Florida:

In the opening bout tough Steed Woodall (1-0) battered Daniel Rodriguez for 4 rounds winning the unanimous decision all 3 judges 40-35.

Berthin Rousseau from Haiti loses in a controversial majority decision tonight against Howard Reece from Ocala, Florida. It was an entertaining slug match as both fighters leave it all in the ring.

Featherweights Jayron Santiago (1-0) from Bayamon, Puerto Rico. wins his pro debut in a majority decision against Jayson Vera (1-1) from Miami,  Judges scores 39-37 twice & 38-38

Jr. Welterweights  Juan C. Castillo (2-2, 2 KO’s) scores a TKO at 1:13 of round 1 dropping Luis Garcia (1-1) to the canvas as Castillo celebrates his victory in the ring.

Tough Prospect Luis Olivares breaks down Jeffery Ramos from Trullio Alto, Puerto Rico. – Ramos corner did ‘not want to continue TKO win at 2:59 of round 3.

Welterweights war it out as Emanuel De Jesus from Canovanas, Puerto Rico. mixes it up with Luis Torres from San Antonio, Texas. Torres certainly came to bring the fight right to DeJesus with a hard display of counterpunching fighting hard hitting DeJesus as he exchanges with him.

Torres rallied entertaining the crowed with his toughness causing problems for DeJesus as the fight progresses; Torres looked to slow his pace in the 4th DeJesus just not jumping on the opportunity of taking advantage of Torres. Action continued as Torres continued applying the pressure to DeJesus cutting the ring and throwing more punches at this juncture of the fight.

After a hard fought fight Luis Torres fell short to the UD win for Emanuel DeJesus.

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