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 Damon Gonzalez with  Boricua Boxing Ringside
Tampa, Fla. – In the main event bout of the night in front of a sold out crowd at the A La Carte Pavilion in Tampa, Florida,  Mathew Villanueva took on Daniel Lozano for WBO Latino super flyweight title.  The event was part of the “Boxeo Telemundo” series.
It did not take very long for the action to heat up, in the early minutes of the first round Villanueva was the quicker of the two.

In round two Villanueva pumped his jab at Lozano who then sided out to the left throwing a nice upper cut that did not faze Villanueva. Lozano continued to press the action in close quarters catching Villanueva with hooks to the body.

In the third Lozano attempted to come back  after showing signs of wear early on in the round. Later in the round Villanueva got on the inside and caught Lozano who gets cut from a punch in an exchange.

Villanueva kept pressure on Lozano in the forth using his legs more thus giving Lozano problems getting off his shots cleanly. Lozano slipped to the left keeping close to Villanueva but taking a lot of shots to the head and body.

Villanueva in round five attacked Lozano who was showing wear in the later rounds of the fight. Lozano, the warrior he, is was not backing down and stood throwing blows with Villanueva.

In the sixth Lozano was on the attack and then took a shot to the head that gets him dazed.  Lozano not going away kept fighting Villanueva with pure will and determination.

Villanueva deciding to stay close to Lozano took shots back in the exchange in round seven. Villanueva working harder in the round still took some heavy leather on the inside from the rough Lozano.

Entering round eight Villanueva continued to out punch Lozano cracking him and putting a lot of pressure on Lozano who is now bleeding. At the end of the eighth round Lozano‘s corner stopped the fight as he could not continue.  Mathew Villanueva the win to retain his WBO Super Flyweight Championship title.


In his Pro debut Tori Ramirez (1-0) in the co-main event finds Harold Torres with good left hooks to the face. Torres jumped into the fight quickly exchanging with Ramirez early.

In round two Ramirez starts off with a straight right hand with Martinez bent too low and Ramirez catches him on the way up with straight punches. Ramirez pressed the action fighting Torres in close quarters getting the best of the exchanges on the inside stepping on the gas.  Torres wins a shutout on the judges’ cards (40-36).

Junior middleweight Emmanuel De Jesus came out quick with troubling combinations catching Joel Vargas from with a straight right hook that drops him to the canvas seconds into the first round. De Jesus did not led up continued to come forward showing a series of body work doubling up his hooks on the slower Vargas.   Midway through the bout Vargas, from Kansas City, Missouri,  showed somewhat of an effort exchanging with the quicker De Jesus but fell short in staying in the fight. A unanimous decision went to De Jesus who goes to (8-0, 5 KO’S) all three judges had it 60-53 for De Jesus.

Ruben Ozuna was looking to make an impact in his pro debut against the tough Angel Hernandez from Puerto Rico. Both fighters started off quick getting into a very technical exchange that got heated.  Ozuna was fighting smart,  jabbing his way into good counters with Hernandez. The smaller fighter Ozuna fought smart setting up his shots catching Hernandez.  Hernandez was not letting his hands go and  he threw wide hooks missing the quicker Ozuna who continued to punish Hernandez throughout the contest. Ozuna wins with a split decision.

Luis Olivares made his presence felt in Tampa taking aim at SMS Promotions. It was display of great boxing skills as Olivares promoted by 50 Cents’ SMS Promotions entertains the crowd. Olivares comes out in the first and crushes Hector Merengo with a devastating right hand that momentarily staggers Merengo. Merengo then  jumped in close and exchanged with Olivares in a “phone booth” making the fight exciting.  Olivares goes to (6-0, 4 KO’s) in a unanimous decision win over Hector Merengo.

In a real short bout, Howard Reese from Ocala, Florida stops Victor Kulakovski at 2:52 of the second round by TKO.

Justin Jones from Bellair, Florida was in a toe to toe heated battle against Juan Aguirre from Jacksonville, Florida. Both fighters met in the center of the ring throwing punches at a high rate. Jones took a step back popping a jab to the face of Aguirre who is having a better half of the second round keeping Jones going backwards not letting him set up. Jones decided to press the action a bit in the third jabbing his way into an exchange with Aguirre. In a hard fought fight Juan Aguirre won by split decision over Justin Jones.

Alphonzo Black from St. Petersburg, Florida starting off with a very fast pace against Angel Martinez who was slow to counter back. Black was just too quick and viciously ripped the mid section of Martinez as he continued to eat punches from Black. Alphonzo Black was winning easily in the second when he stepped right into a devastating right hand that TKO’s him giving Martinez the victory.

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