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By on March 22, 2022

Ryan McKenna Doubles to Left (EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO)

Bradenton, Fla. — The Birds of Baltimore, they are orioles just for the proverbial record, won a slow pitch like softball affair 10-9 and our award-winning photographer Eddie Michels was there.

This was not a pitcher’s paradise as Bucs starter Jose Quintana was torched for six runs on six hits in the six outs he was able to get. The Orioles scored four in the first and two in the second off a two-run blast by the O’s right fielder Kyle Stowers. The next six Pirates hurlers scattered seven hits to build on the spring thing excitement because Orioles starter John Means gave up five hits in 2 1/3 innings.

Sowers goes yard (EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO)

The teams combined for 19 runs and 28 hits which really made this practice game exciting. What is really exciting is that the regular season is starting on time, and Bucco fans our Eddie Michels thinks your team is really good!

Cole Tucker Singles to Right and Drives in a Run. (EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO)
Quintana’s two innings vs the Orioles saw him give up six runs on six hits while walking two and striking out one.  In the first five pitches thrown by Quintana were as follows, ball, double to left, ball, single to right RBI and the fifth pitch was a double to right center by the Orioles number three hitter.  The O’s sent nine batters to the plate in the first inning. (EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO)
KeBryan Hayes Singles to Center Driving in a Run. (EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO)
Ryan Urias Single to Right RBI (EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO)
Pirates Reliever JT Brubaker threw a Solid Two Innings (EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO)

BAL 42000110210162
PIT 0041012019120

WINF. Bautista(1-0)1.0 IP, 0 ER, 2 K, 0 BB

LOSSM. Eckelman(0-1)1.0 IP, 2 ER, 2 K, 1 BB

SAVEL. Gillaspie(1)1.0 IP, 1 ER, 0 K, 1 BB

OriolesOrioles Hitting

R. McKennaCF411000.100.100.200
J.C. Escarra1B200001.000.333.000
R. UriasSS322100.500.5001.000
R. MartinSS201100.400.400.800
A. SantanderDH311001.167.167.333
a – A. BemboomPH-DH100011.500.667.750
K. StowersRF321211.100.250.400
P. Dorrian3B111000.200.200.200
T. Nevin3B401200.222.300.333
J. RhodesRF1110001.0001.0001.000
K. Gutierrez1B301100.200.556.200
T. VavraCF100010.250.571.250
J. NottinghamC301002.333.333.500
B. TaylorC1011001.000.5001.000
Y. DiazLF201011.333.500.778
R. Bannon2B212200.333.400.778
J. Jones2B311001.429.556.714
R. NeustromLF200001.000.000.000
a-walked for Santander in the 6th
  • 2B: Martin (2, De Jong); Santander (1, Quintana); McKenna (1, Quintana)
  • HR: Bannon (1, 7th inning off H. Stratton 0 on, 2 Out); Stowers (1, 2nd inning off Quintana 1 on, 2 Out)
  • RBI: Taylor (1), Martin (4), Gutierrez (1), Nevin 2 (4), Bannon 2 (2), Urías (2), Stowers 2 (2)
  • 2Out RBI: Bannon, Stowers (2)
  • SF: Taylor
  • Team RISP: 4-12 (Nottingham 0-1, Jones 0-1, Diaz 0-1, Gutierrez 0-1, Nevin 1-2, Bannon 1-1, Urías 1-1, Neustrom 0-1, Escarra 0-1, Stowers 1-2)
  • Team LOB: 9
  • E: Jones (1, throw); Stowers (1, fielding)
  • Assists: Rhodes (Castillo at 3rd base)

OriolesOrioles Pitching

J. Means2.154311011.57
C. Sedlock (H, 1)0.20000100.00
J. Lopez (H, 1)1.01110113.38
D. Kremer (H, 1)2.03110204.50
T. Scott (B, 1)0.222220010.80
T. Naughton0.10000000.00
F. Bautista (W, 1-0)1.00000200.00
L. Gillaspie (S, 1)1.01111004.50
  • HBP: Allen (by Kremer)

PiratesPirates Hitting

C. TuckerRF-2B411100.333.333.889
L. PegueroSS100001.167.167.167
B. ReynoldsDH300001.333.333.556
a – H. OwenPH-DH200001.000.000.000
K. Hayes3B412101.333.333.333
M. Martin1B100000.400.4001.000
Y. Tsutsugo1B301101.286.375.429
C. BinsC121010.667.7501.333
R. PerezC301001.167.250.167
J. OlivaPR-RF-CF110010.000.167.000
K. NewmanSS301000.400.400.600
T. Marcano3B100100.167.250.667
M. Chavis2B-1B300001.000.000.000
D. Castillo2B101110.800.857.800
G. AllenCF110010.200.556.800
C. MitchellPR-RF211100.333.333.500
B. GamelLF222100.429.4291.286
J. SuwinskiLF201100.400.500.800
a-lined out to first for Reynolds in the 6th
  • 2B: Bins (2, Gillaspie)
  • 3B: Suwinski (1, Kremer)
  • HR: Gamel (2, 4th inning off López 0 on, 1 Out)
  • RBI: Gamel (3), Tucker (2), Hayes (1), Suwinski (1), Castillo (1), Marcano (2), Mitchell (1), Tsutsugo (1)
  • SF: Marcano
  • Team RISP: 5-16 (R. Pérez 0-1, Tucker 1-2, Chavis 0-2, Hayes 1-2, Newman 0-1, Owen 0-1, Suwinski 0-1, Reynolds 0-1, Castillo 1-1, Oliva 0-1, Marcano 0-1, Mitchell 1-1, Tsutsugo 1-1)
  • Team LOB: 8
  • SB: Mitchell (1, 2nd base off Naughton/Taylor)
  • Assists: Oliva (Taylor at 2nd base)

PiratesPirates Pitching

J. Quintana2.066621127.00
J. Brubaker2.01000300.00
D. Bednar1.02000200.00
C. De Jong1.02111009.00
H. Stratton1.021100113.50
C. Vieaux1.00000100.00
M. Eckelman (L, 0-1)1.03221209.00

Scoring Summary

Orioles1stUrías singled to right, McKenna scored.10
Orioles1stNevin singled to left, Santander scored and Urías scored, Stowers to third.30
Orioles1stGutierrez grounded out to third, Stowers scored, Nevin to second.40
Orioles2ndStowers homered to right (363 feet), Urías scored.60
Pirates3rdTucker singled to right, Allen scored, Gamel to second.61
Pirates3rdHayes singled to center, Gamel scored, Hayes to second, Tucker to third.62
Pirates3rdTsutsugo singled to left, Tucker scored, Hayes to third.63
Pirates3rdHayes scored on error, Newman safe at first on fielding error by right fielder Stowers, Tsutsugo safe at third on error.64
Pirates4thGamel homered to left (366 feet).65
Orioles6thMartin doubled to left, Jones scored.75
Pirates6thSuwinski tripled to right, Mitchell scored.76
Orioles7thBannon homered to right (262 feet).86
Pirates7thCastillo singled to left, Bins scored, Oliva to third.87
Pirates7thMitchell singled to left, Oliva scored, Castillo thrown out at third.88
Orioles9thTaylor hit sacrifice fly to left, Dorrian scored.98
Orioles9thBannon singled to left, Rhodes scored, Vavra to second.108
Pirates9thMarcano hit sacrifice fly to left, Bins scored.109
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