Rock Steady Wrestling Crushes Once Again

By on March 24, 2020
Kennedy Kendrick (Photo-Jordan Raiff)

With the Coronavirus taking down much of society as a whole, events like concerts, sports, and wrestling have largely been put on hold. For Rock Steady Wrestling, that would not be the case. With a recently sanitized venue ready for the fans, and wrestlers itching to let people forget, it was showtime!!

            Kicking off the evening was a special announcement by RSW Board of Director members Ferrari and Marc Mandrake coming out to address the crowd. As Marc addressed the crowd, he let the fans in on a bit more of his background. After running shows in Northern NY right after 9/11 and during the massive SARS epidemic 2002-2003, Marc knew what RSW up against. People needed this distraction. Wrestlers needed this distraction. The RSW family needed this distraction.

As Ferrari took over the mic, she announced This was a great way to share in the RSW excitement for fans who chose to stay home. Pitching the discounted food and drink specials for the evening (with a tongue in cheek extra discount on Corona), as well as the facility staying open for an after-party with more specials, got quite a reaction from the fans. Bringing something brand new to RSW, and to my knowledge not done before; a FULL SHOW Livestream on Facebook.

Marc took back over the mic to announce that unfortunately, due to issues beyond RSW’s control an announced match between Ramos and Vertigo would not be happening, and the ChocoLit Stud would not be appearing as well. However, he apologized for their absence but would try to get them back in May and let the fans choose the stipulation.

Brittany Diamond (Photo-Jordan Raiff)

Taking back over the mic again, Ferrari announced the appearance of co-GM Brittany Diamond. With respect to the change in the card, Brittany announced that Grady had suffered an injury and a new No. 1 contender for the Internet Television title must be named.

Apollo Jr vs Sean O’Riley (Photo-Jordan Raiff)

            Opening up the event were two newcomers to RSW; Apollo Jr. and Sean O’Malley. Getting a chance to become the No.1 contender in your first match is something that rarely happens. Especially when both men are newcomers. Putting on a hard-fought match, these two gave fans some real excitement.

Apollo Jr vs Sean O’Riley (Photo-Jordan Raiff)

            Apollo Jr. brings a good mixture of technical moves and a high-flying, acrobatic flair to the show. Something that has been a bit absent from RSW as of late. These maneuvers and his quick thinking were enough to defeat the rougher O’Malley rather efficiently.

Frankie Burbank (Photo-Jordan Raiff)

            In the second contest and second part of the tournament, Frankie Burbank (aka Mr. Jazz Hands) took on yet another newcomer to the RSW ring, Blade. A thinner young man, Blade brought the fight to Frankie with all he had. With close pins throughout the match, it looked like either man had a real chance at taking the match at any time.

Blade (Photo-Jordan Raiff)
Frankie Burbank vs Blade (Photo-Jordan Raiff)

            As Blade learned the hard way, nothing beats experience. Frankie was able to turn away his rapid advances, and counter with his own to take the victory. This was a great way to avenge his ‘loser’ status with the fans and regain the respect of the RSW personnel.

Fonta and Bison vs Maximus and Neurosis (Photo-Jordan Raiff)

            Up next was Bobby Fonta taking on Maximus for the Internet Television Title. While these two had a great contest back in February, this had now turned personal. Maximus knew he had that title won, had Neurosis not interfered. This time Neurosis was nowhere to be seen. As the battle waged on, Maximus was countering everything Bobby was throwing at him. It was obvious that he had studied his opponent and knew how to beat him.

Fonta and Bison vs Maximus and Neurosis (Photo-Jordan Raiff)

            Yet, history always finds a way to repeats itself. With Bobby knocking Maximus down and quickly regaining steam he climbed to the top rope, Neurosis approached the ring and attacked him from behind. With the ref signaling for the bell, Bison stormed out from the back to stop the now two-on-one onslaught that had begun to take place.

Fonta and Bison vs Maximus and Neurosis (Photo-Jordan Raiff)

            Suddenly Brittany Diamond had appeared again. Since these two continually are not on the same page, and Bison felt the need to get in there, this was now a tag team match!!

            With the injection of fresh wrestlers, these duos battled back and forth. While trying to help out their new-found teammates, Bison and Bobby were out of sync most of the match. Their lack of chemistry led to the ref pushing one or the other out of the ring and gave Maximus & Neurosis ample time to wear down their singular opponent as a team. This advantage gave them the opportunity to steal a victory and get back on the same page for Justin Michaels Enterprises.

Frankie Burbank vs Apollo Jr (Photo-Jordan Raiff)

            Following a brief intermission, it was time to finalize the No.1 contender. Apollo Jr. returned to the ring looking incredibly refreshed. It was as if the first match took nothing out of him. Yet Frankie hit that ring to the sounds of the crowd erupting for him. That first match had really gotten them back on his side!!

Frankie Burbank vs Apollo Jr (Photo-Jordan Raiff)

            With Apollo Jr. stepping up his high-flyer game, his toolbox of move variations seemed like it wouldn’t run out. Frankie seemed as if he had counted on this. Through determination and grit, he was able to maneuver around or counter many of these moves to minimize their damage. This opportunity would not slip through his fingers!!

Frankie Burbank vs Apollo Jr (Photo-Jordan Raiff)

            Apollo Jr. brought every bit of fight he had to the ring, and as the match wore on you could see the exhaustion showing on his face. The ‘energy’ he hit the ring with had begun to run low. Frankie was able to capitalize on this and take firm control of the match and get the 1-2-3. He was now the No.1 Contender!! Seeing the live camera at ringside, he approached and reminded the fans at home, he was indeed NOT a loser. Frankie Burbank is a WINNER!!

Kennedy Kendrick vs Sean Scott (Photo-Jordan Raiff)

            Coming out for the final match of the night was the rematch of Kennedy Kendrick and current RSW Heavyweight champion, ‘The Diamond Kid’ Sean Scott. Considering the attempted payoffs by ‘The Cuban Assassin’ Fidel Sierra and co-GM Don Vincenzo at the last RSW event, tensions were definitely running high. Sean had gotten the match he wanted; a submission match.

Sean Scott (Photo-Jordan Raiff)

            This meant nothing else would matter. You had to make opponents either be incapacitated or tap out. As someone who has studied under some of the best submission wrestlers in the world, and taken them on, this was right up his alley. Had he learned enough? Had the years of lessons sunken in?

Kennedy Kendrick vs Sean Scott (Photo-Jordan Raiff)

            Now Kennedy is no newcomer either. He knows that to win a match like this, you need to wear your opponent down. While leading off with an openhanded slap is NOT the way to send this signal, the emasculation of being slapped silly in front of his fans left Sean stunned. While he quickly returned with a shot his own, the two battled back and forth.

Kennedy Kendrick vs Sean Scott (Photo-Jordan Raiff)

            Being launched into the corner is a great way to wear down your opponent, yet Sean used these ropes to his advantage to battle back out. To keep Kennedy worn down, and to let him burn his own energy. This ‘corner crushing’ strategy was working well largely.

Now Kennedy’s power had already put Sean on his back numerous times, and even for a moment that will drain you down quickly. That loss of momentum between both wrestlers was wearing them down. Despite multiple submission attempts, neither man was willing to give up. Using the patented Crossface, Sean looked to have the match won, yet Kennedy battled out of it.

Kennedy Kendrick vs Sean Scott (Photo-Jordan Raiff)

As Sean launched Kennedy across the ring, Ref Rubright was inadvertently knocked down by Kennedy’s flying body. Thus rendering him quickly into dreamland. As the two continued to battle, with no knowledge of the ref’s sleeping status. As Sean locked in the Crossface again, Kennedy finally tapped.

Kennedy Kendrick vs Sean Scott (Photo-Jordan Raiff)

It’s just like the eternal question ‘if a tree falls in the forest, and nobody is there to hear it, does it make a sound?’ the question ‘if a man taps out and no ref is around to hear it did they actually lose?’ became a quickly evolving question. Sneaking down unannounced from the back was co-GM Don Vincenzo. As Sean checked on the disabled ref, Don tossed a rag to Kennedy.

Kennedy Kendrick vs Sean Scott (Photo-Jordan Raiff)

Seeing him at ringside, Sean began to chastise him as Kennedy got in place. Sneaking up behind him he held that rag over his face. Quickly falling to the ring, Sean was out. As the replacement referee Chance hit the ring, he quickly assessed that Sean was unable to continue. Thus Kennedy Kendrick had become the NEW RSW Heavyweight Champion!!!

Kennedy Kendrick vs Sean Scott (Photo-Jordan Raiff)
Kennedy Kendrick vs Sean Scott (Photo-Jordan Raiff)

With Security literally carrying Sean out of the ring, the new Champ proceeded to gloat. Was this his plan all along? Did he know this was going to happen? As of this moment, we just don’t know. What we do know is that Sean will certainly have a lot to say about this in the coming weeks.

Considering the current Coronavirus pandemic, only time will tell if the May show will be happening or not. More and more facilitates, events, and tours are being postponed or canceled. RSW has promised that more information will be forthcoming as their entire organization and the world watch as this pandemic changes things for us. Keep up to date with Rock Steady Wrestling on FB at or on IG at .

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