Steve Souza Jr. Trout-like?

By on May 14, 2015


When the Tampa Bay Rays traded away their outfielder-of-the-future, Wil Myers, you may have questioned the move. However, what you may not have known is that, in return, Tampa would receive a similarly dynamic prospect, Steven Souza Jr.

Mike Trout is a HR-SB king in MLB.

The baseball world is constantly talking about superstars like Mike Trout, Paul Goldschmidt, and Justin Upton. Guys like Souza Jr., not so much.

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However, just as those perennial all-stars listed above, Steven Souza Jr. currently leads his team in both home runs and stolen bases. Souza’s six home runs and five stolen bases are evidence that his career minor league numbers may, in fact, translate to a successful major league career. During eight seasons in the minors, he racked up 93 HR and 158 SB.

With injuries becoming a problem for the Rays, everyone in the lineup needs to step up. Souza Jr. is doing his part so far.

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