Kanye, Chris Brown and Steve Nash

By on November 21, 2013


-Almost a year a year ago I wrote a piece titled “Hip Hop is Alive and Well” read it here: https://www.rocketsports-ent.com/hip-hop-is-alive-and-well/ and I must say that after hearing the latest Kanye West song “Bound 2” I think he is single handedly out to prove me wrong. This is hands down one of the worst musical performances I’ve ever had to withstand. It’s pure shat… there is no other way to put it. I would rather listen to a drunken mute sing than Kanye, I would rather hear the 2 cats having sex than have to torture my ears with his absolute crap.

I could name a….actually you can name anybody to ever walk this planet and they would be better than Kanye, honestly name anybody you’ve met, they would do better than him, I promise. I put myself through the pain and agony once and the 2nd time my ears both barfed and began to gnaw at my brain until I turned it off.  “Bound 2” is officially the worst rap track I’ve ever heard, “Informer” by Snow is a better track and yes I went just said a white guy from Canada is better rapper than a black guy from Chicago. Deal with it folks, it’s the hard truth.

I would like to ask Kanye to do us all a favor and NEVER MAKE ANOTHER SONG…..EVER!!!! I can’t stand Drake but I would put Drake over Kanye at this point, I wonder what in his chewed up mind made him think this was a track he should make, record, release and subject the masses to this horrible mashed up couple of minutes of what I can only describe as diarrhea?

I could blame just him, but I think his baby mama had a lot to do with it as well, even if she didn’t I need to focus some blame on her because she is just about as irritating as he is and they are both guilty by association. You know the story that making eye contact with Medusa will turn you into stone? Well, listening to “Bound 2” is kinda like that, it can cause serious bodily injury if you play it, this is a public service announcement here people, I am doing you a favor, I am looking out for your best interest.

-Chris Brown is turd, he has serious anger issues that I think stem from him being unable to fully come out of the closet, yes I think he is in fact an Undercover Brother Lover and due to that he feels a need to hit women, attack men and generally act like idiot. Maybe at some point he will come to terms with himself and openly profess his love for men. Until then he will continue to act like a turd and hopefully one of these days get his head bashed in by a group of pissed off lesbians.

Hey Nash, maybe Phoenix should have been your last team (photo USA TODAY SPORTS / Jennifer Stewart)

-Steve Nash is old, beat up and on the verge of really pissing me off. As many of you know I a huge Lakers fan and because of that I tend to voice my opinion on them often. Steve Nash is set to make over $9 million this year and another $9 million next year and he can’t go 10 games without being broke down and injured. Last year he broke his leg, this year he is dealing with Nerve Root Irritation on the spine. Now I am no doctor but that sounds pretty bad, it better be really bas to keep him out this much already this season.  Steve Nash should do the right thing and call it a day, hang those high tops up and spend time watching soccer or whatever it is Canadians do. What he shouldn’t be doing is taking money that could be well spent on a younger more durable player or players. PLEASE STEVE…..just RETIRE!!!

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