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By on February 21, 2014


Steve Nash, here is 2012 closer to his prime,  was part of that unbelievable 1996 NBA draft with Kobe Bryant… Wow that was a long time ago. (US PRESSWIRE / Jennifer Stewart)

A lot has been going on in the NBA recently and here I am to catch you up on a few of the happenings, the trade deadline, the  All-Star game,  injuries and rumors (I’ll start a few). Oh yes and let me get it out of the way… I know my Lakers are playing like complete ass and look like they will end up in the gutter of the Western Conference, with that being said I’ll continue with the good stuff.

Steve Nash:

You’re 40, you’ve been hobbled by nerve damage and father time, it’s time to call it a day and trade the jersey in on a suit. Nash is a highly intelligent person with an extremely high Basketball IQ, if I were the Lakers I would beg him to retire and offer him a player development or coaching spot. What good is he playing if he can only log in 10 minutes every 40 games?

Kobe Bryant:

Don’t rush back Mamba, stay out the remainder of the season, get healthy and have fresh legs next season for a push at 6 and then 7. You know what I mean.


You know it’s bad when there are more coaches on the bench than players, yes it’s that bad but hey what do you expect when you are playing heave the ball and run back to watch the other team set a play and sprint and heave and repeat. More injuries this season than any season I can ever remember.

Rajon Rondo:

How does it feel to be the only guy with any real talent on a team? Welcome back Rondo your storied Celtics are in a major rebuilding mode and you have NOTHING to look forward to this year.

All-Star Game:

For the love of the game, PLEASE PLAY SOME DAMN DEFENSE!!! Really it’s not fun watching the game when guys are not playing defense, we as fans love a great defensive battle and recording ZERO blocks is unacceptable to say the least. I expect to see a better showing next year.

Slam Dunk Contest:

ZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!! Not impressed, Jordan, Carter, Drexler and Dr. J and even Cedric Ceballos right now could have put on a better show. You want a score on the dunk contest? I give you a 1 and it’s using my middle finger to show it. Scratch that I’ll give it a 2, using both middle fingers.

Trade Deadline:

Lakers sent Steve Blake to the Warriors for Kent Bazemore and MarShon Brooks; it was in essence a salary dump with the upside of adding 2 guys that could end up being fun to watch with the D’Antoni system but I doubt either will be a part of the team next year, so they shouldn’t unpack their luggage to fast.

Nuggets moved Andre Miller to the Wizards for …well who cares he is old and they moved him because he can’t get along with Coach Shaw.

Cavs picked up Spencer Hawes from the 76’s for way too much just another bad move for the Cavs. They really need to fire Mike Brown.

Nets picked up Marcus Thornton for about nothing, they sent Jason Terry and Reggie Evans to the Kings for Thornton, watch the Nets make a surge in the 2nd half of the season, they will make the playoffs.

BEST TRADE award goes to the Pacers! They moved unused and often injured Danny Granger to the 76ers for Evan Turner from THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY! In a few months we can ask Evan how it feels to be an NBA Champion. He will be coming off the bench for the Pacers and bringing a lot of scoring and passing options to a heavily defensive minded team. The Pacers are far and away the best team in the East, yes better than the Heat, look at the benches and you’ll see what I am talking about.


Kevin Love wants to be a Laker…DUH! Of course he does!

Melo will leave the Knicks… WORNG, he will stray and continue to not win championships while watching coach after coach lose their job.

Dante Exum wants the Lakers to draft him.

Lebron James will not leave Miami so he can return to the Cavs, he will remain there and the Cavs will in fact lose Kyrie Irving to the Lakers.

Byron Scott will be the next Lakers coach after MDA is fired, and the Buss family will pay Donald Trump to come in and give him the news. “Mike…You made the Lakers look like the Clippers and because of that, YOU’RE FIRED!”

Pau Gasol was not traded at the trade deadline because the Lakers feel they can get better value for him in a sign and trade after the season. Landing spots include Memphis and Minnesota.

A lot has been going on in the past few weeks in the NBA and I expect the final months of the season to be just as exciting stay tuned Sports Fans it should be a fun fun finish. Oh and I still say the Pacers will win the East and I am thinking the Thunder or the  Trailblazers in the West. Sorry Bron Bron you will NEVER catch Kobe!

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