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Nightmare on Foo Street

  Lately I have spent hours on the range really grinding on my short game and putting for my practice sessions. I have been chipping and pitching different shots from different lies for 2 hours at a time. I would change each shot in distance anywhere from 10ft to 35 yards from the pin. I […]

ASK OTT: Volume I

ASK OTT: Volume I

I am taking a new twist on my column; I thought it would be fun to have people ask me questions so I can answer them with 100% honesty and without filter. I want to thank everybody that submitted questions, keep them coming!

OTT at it! 2012 Sports Predictions

OTT at it!  2012 Sports Predictions

Friends, Gamblers, Bookies and Sports Fans lend me your eyes, for I am making my predictions in sports for the year 2012…