OTT at it! 2012 Sports Predictions

By on January 28, 2012

Friends, Gamblers, Bookies and Sports Fans lend me your eyes, for I am making my predictions in sports for the year 2012.

2012 Predictions

photo: US PRESSWIRE/Matthew Emmons

1. In the year 2012 the New York Giants will win the Super Bowl.

photo: Issac Baldizon/NBAE via Getty Images

2. In the year 2012 Lebron James will again choke in the NBA playoffs.

3. In the year 2012 Dwight Howard will become a Houston Rocket.

4. In the year 2012 Jerry Jones will fire Jason Garrett and beg Jimmy Johnson to return to coaching.

5.  In the year 2012 Kobe Bryant will win the NBA Scoring title.

6. In the year 2012 Syracuse will win the NCAA men’s college basketball Championship.

7. In the year 2012 the Lakers will acquire Daron Williams vie free agency or trade.

photo: Jigs Tambong

8. In the year 2012 Manny Pacquiao will fight and K.O. Floyd Mayweather.

9. In the year 2012 Tiger Woods will win 2 Majors.

10. In the year 2012 The Michigan Wolverines will still be horrible.

11. In the year 2012 The Yankees will trade A-Rod.

12. In the year 2012 The Los Angeles Angles of Anaheim will win the World Series.

13. In the year 2012 Matt Kemp from the L.A. Dodgers will join the 40-40 club.

14. In the year 2012 The Detroit Tigers will realize they overpaid for Prince Fielder.

15. In the year 2012 Metta World Peace will change his name back to Ron Artest.

16. In the year 2012 the USC Trojans will win the BCS National Championship.

17. In the year 2012 The OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY BUCKEYES WILL GO UNDEFEATED!! (and in the year 2013 win the BCS Championship) O-H….I-O!!!

18. In the year 2012 Andrew Luck will NOT win Rookie of the Year.

photo: Stanford Athletic Department

19. In the Year 2012 Greg Schiano will coach the Tampa Bay Bucs into the playoffs.

20. In the year 2012 Michael Vick will miss 7 games, causing the Eagles to have another horrible season causing Andy Reid to be fired.

21.  In the year 2012 Mark Sanchez will have his worst season and be benched at some point.

22.  In the year 2012 Chicago Bulls will win the NBA Championship.

23.   In the year 2012 Tim Tebow will have a better Record than Andrew Luck.

photo: USPresswire/Ron Chenoy

24.  In the year 2012 The Cleveland Browns will make the playoffs.

25. In the year 2012 I will still despise the Michigan Wolverines.

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