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This is it for Lovie Smith and Jay Cutler, either they make major strides or they find a new home. The Bears have taken away all excuses for Cutler, they added beef to the O-line and added Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffery and Michael Bush all to help boost the offense.

The Defense has always kept the Bears in games but Urlacher, Peppers and Briggs are all getting up there in age and need to be able to rely on the Offense to score points. I’m not sure they have what it takes to win it all but they have what it takes to make a very good run for it. This is by far the best Bears team I’ve seen in the past 10 years.


The Lions added a protector in Riley Reiff and very talented Wide Receiver in Broyles. The Lions offense could really cause major headaches for opposing defensives this year. Their own defense should put tons of pressure on Quarterbacks; if they don’t it may not be a good season for them. They really didn’t address the need for defensive backs at all in the offseason.

If the Lions could just get out of the NFC North they would stand a better chance to move deep into the playoffs. But with Green Bay and Chicago it will be hard to surpass them anytime soon, plus they have a major issue with guys getting arrested  so don’t be surprised if they fire Head Coach Jim Schwartz if the problems continue and they don’t make a run for the Division.


Adrian Peterson is hurt, Ponder is not a QB I have much faith in and Greg Childs is out for the season. So where will the Vikings end up? They will be lucky to get 6 wins this year. They have a few bright spots, they have a very sound defense, and they drafted Matt Kalil, a guy that will make Ponder look better than he is, and guy that will be an anchor for the o-line.

They are by far the bottom of the NFC North and may look at drafting very high again next season. Things are not looking up if you are a Vikings fan unless you really like Matt Barkley.

The cream of the crop from the NFC North, one of the best offensive teams in the NFL and one of the best Quarterbacks in the NFL , they just need


to sure up the defense. Oh wait they rafted Nick Perry and Jerrel Worthy, two guys that will wreak havoc on opposing offenses, or at least they should. These two guys have a ton of upside and with proper coaching could be just what the Packers need to win another Super Bowl.



BLAH… no major changes, no better no worse. Matt Ryan needs to step up and lead the offense, which is loaded with talent. The Defense, well they need to do whatever it takes to help Matt Ryan stay on the field as much as possible. I wonder how that Julio Jones trade is working out for them now? I think that trade hampered them for two seasons, and they will feel the real backlash this season.  Jones is good, very good in fact, but he is not worth what they gave up to get him.


Cam Newton will continue to grow into a serious threat via land and air. The Panthers made a move I love, they added Mike Tolbert, this guy will help protect Cam with his blocking skills and has the ability to destroy defensive teams with his style of running. They also added Luke Kuechly via the draft and he should be an instant starter and leader on defense. The Panthers will improve but I think they are still 2-3 seasons away from really making them a force. Fun to watch on highlights, but from a fans perspective just another losing season.


No head coach, no defensive leader and yet they still seem to be a team to watch out for. The Saints will be at the top of the stat boards in passing and points but they will not make it as far as they did last year. This organization spent the better part of the off season in turmoil with the bounty scandal and the contract negotiations with Drew Brees. They will win enough to stay in the hunt but not enough to push far into the post season.


New Head coach, new starting wide receiver, and a very good draft to add depth on defense. Josh Freeman needs to step up or get ready to be riding the bench, he should be fine with the addition of Vincent Jackson and a new offensive system so if he fails, the Bucs know what they need to do, find a new QB and that is something they really don’t have in way of a backup. I think they may look at Colt McCoy if Freeman doesn’t pan out.  I think the Bucs actually have a chance to win the division this year if all falls into line.



Make it or break it season for Romo and Head Coach Jason Garrett. Jerry Jones spent a billion dollars on a stadium that he needs to fill in the post season. If he thinks that isn’t going to happen he has no problem hitting the reset button. They added depth for the DB’s, which is the biggest weakness next to the QB and the Head Coach in my opinion. I would not be surprised if Jerry made a call to Jimmy and asked for him to come back.


They added players where they needed them and really didn’t’ lose much in who all departed, they have TONS of talent at the Wide Receiver spot and that makes Eli very happy. They are really just as good as last season on paper if not better. If Eli does his part and the defense does theirs we could see a return trip to the Super Bowl for the G-Men.

Injury prone Vick, with the attitude of Jackson and still no real defensive coach tells me that the Eagles will not show much improvement from


last year. Andy Reid has really never really won anything of importance and why he is still the head coach is a mystery to me. I am not saying he is a bad coach, I’m just saying he is a bad coach for the Eagles. Dallas is in a must win mind set, the Giants are still the best in the division and the Redskins, well the eagles can thank the Redskins for making sure they don’t finish last.


Let’s trade a ton of picks away, get an electrifying QB and give him hardly anything to work with. While we are at let’s go and draft another QB in the same draft just in case he RGIII doesn’t pan out. And they wonder why they can’t win. Horrible moves like this is why. I love RGIII but he will hate playing in Washington, and I hate he is there. Redskins have no talent at WR, hardly any at RB and only 1 or 2 guys worth worrying about on defense. Maybe they will draft another QB next year with their top 5 pick.


The Cardinals drafted very well, they added depth at WR, DB and O-line, but I don’t think they got the memo on how bad


their QB situation is. You can have all the talent you want at WR but if your QB can’t get them the ball what good is it. New front office, new coach and new QB are their only options out of this hole. Not a good season coming up for the Cards, not at all.


Jeff Fisher + a very smart draft+ a brutal defense= my sleeper pick for most improved team in the NFL.

If Bradford can stay healthy and they can use a ground game to keep the pressure off of him I think the Defense will be able to carry them. I don’t see them beating out the 49ers but I can see them making a run for a wildcard spot.  Now if the Rams would just come to Los Angeles I could have a home team to cheer for.


I do not like Alex Smith, I repeat I do not like Alex Smith, but other than that I think the 49ers are the best team in the NFL. They have a brutal running game, the best Tight End in the game, the best defense in the NFC and a coach that guys love to play for. Oh I almost forgot, they have Randy Moss too. Some may say he is old and has lost a step, guess what, Randy Moss a step slower is still better than 95% of the WR’s in the NFL at in their prime. Michael Crabtree needs to step up and show what he can do; I don’t think he will be around long if he has a miserable season.  Plexico Burress is another guy that might find his way to the bay area, I think adding him would really seal the WR group up in San Fran.


I almost forgot to mention these guys, I mean they had a horrible draft; they don’t a have real starting QB on their team, no true stand out wide receiver and a coach that can’t seem to win in the NFL. 1 bright spot is an unknown drafted player named Winston Guy, this guy is fun to watch and very aggressive. But other than that the Seahawks will be fighting with Arizona for the last spot in the NFC West.

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