ASK OTT: Volume I

By on August 23, 2013

I am taking a new twist on my column; I thought it would be fun to have people ask me questions so I can answer them with 100% honesty and without filter. I want to thank everybody that submitted questions, keep them coming!


Jason from Wadworth, Ohio wrote: Chael Sonnen or Wanderlei Silva?

Well Jason since Silva reminds me of the Night Slasher from the movie Cobra and Sonnen reminds me of a pro wrestler I must go with Sonnen. Sonnen and I also share a mutual dislike for Lebron James, so that also helped me make up my mind. Sonnen in no more than 2 rounds by TKO.


Michael from Canton, Ohio asked: What is the best way to get rid of Jock Itch:

Michael, shower, dry off and stop wearing dirty underwear.


Jason from Wadsworth, Ohio (Another Jason) wrote: How many TD’s will Brandon Weeden throw this year?

Jason,  Weeden tossed 14 TD’s last year in an offense scheme that could have been defended by a group of blind drunks, so it is safe to say he will throw at least 23 TD’s this year.


Chris from Pickerington, Ohio asked: Over or Under.. Browns win 8 games?

Chris, that’s a tough one, but in the end I think the Browns end up with a record better than most expect I am saying they are a dark horse this year and they win 9 games.  So OVER BABY!!!!!

Tiger lines up his putt on the 9th green during the final round of the 95th PGA Championship at Oak Hill Country Club in Pittsford, NY (photo Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports)

Jeff from Los Angeles asked: Why is Tiger Woods such a C***?

Jeff, I applaud you for the use of C***. But let’s break this down, He is one of the richest athletes in the world, he has accomplished more than 97% of the people in his sport all while being able to have late night encounters with whores… I am not sure that makes him a C***, it makes him a cheater and douche bag but not a C***, a C*** would be Floyd Mayweather Jr.  Tiger is a douche because he is like a child star of sorts; look at how many disasters there are in the world of child stars.


Curtis from Wadsworth, Ohio wrote: Will Big Ben make through 3 games before injury now that Mike Adams is at Left Tackle?

Curtis, I hope he makes it all season and they still don’t win more than 7 games. As much as I would hate to see Omar Epps get fired I think he will if they have another sub-par season.  Mike Adams is a monster and with him and Pouncy, Ben should be protected well. The more important question is can Big Ben keep the rape charges away for more than a season, and to that I say yes.


Adam from Lakeland, Florida asked: Why did they ruin football with all the f’ing stupid ass penalties?

Adam, I hate it too, let these guys play and if they get hurt rub some dirt on it and get back in there. Long gone are the days of true Gridiron Gladiators, it’s a softer, gentler league now that caters to broken nails and chipped teeth.


Mark from New York asked: Who is hotter: Ruggers or Futbolistas?  

Mark, being a straight man that is secure with my sexuality I can honestly say Soccer players are hotter. If you are into the bigger type of guys, I could see where the Rugby players attract you.


Jesus from Eagle Rock asked: Will Kobe show his age this season?

HeyZues, Kobe will probably be back by game 1 and I think he could have his most balanced year to date, I think his minutes will go down but his assists will increase. I say he quietly could be an MVP candidate as well.

Micah from Atlanta asked: Will Aaron Hernandez be found guilty of Murder?

Micah, I think he is guilty and I don’t think he walks. He is not as well loved as Ray Lewis and his friends are not nearly as afraid of him as Ray’s were of him. Even if he didn’t pull the trigger he was there and helped cover it up (ALLEGEDY).


Again I thank all of those that asked questions, keep them coming, tell your friends and keep coming back for more.

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