2013 – 14 NBA Season Breakdown — Ott Style

By on October 26, 2013

With the NBA Season right around the corner I thought I would give a quick outline of how the teams will fair and what to expect.

Starting with the Weaker and less talented EAST:

1: Indiana Pacers:

They have the best Center (Roy Hibbert) in the NBA, the best young star (Paul George) in NBA and a healthy Danny Granger. They made it deep last year with no help from him and I look for them to finally break the hump and make it to the finals this year.


Earlier this month in pre-season action, Hibbert (55) is getting ready for a championship run (photo USA Today Sports / Marc Lebryk)

2: Miami Heat:

Sorry Lebron Lovers he will not win another ring.

3: Brooklyn Nets:


A rookie coach that loves to drink and drive, a couple of old crusty vets and a Russian Tycoon, how much better can it get?

4: Chicago Bulls:


A healthy Rose is all that’s needed to make them a title contender, well that and ensuring Boozer doesn’t paint his head again. Noah is actually becoming the star he always thought he was.

5: Atlanta Hawks:

New Coach + Lots of shooters + Al Horford – Josh Smith = better than you expect. Horford will shine a without Smith and prove he is one of the best Center/Power Forwards in the game.


6: Cleveland Cavs: Don’t laugh!


Don’t let the Mike Brown hire cloud your vision, the Cavs made a lot of moves and if Irving and Bynum can stay healthy they will give teams fits. If they get the Bynum that decides he would rather grow his hair out like a broke down pimp than play Championship caliber basketball they will be loving another lottery pick.

7: Detroit Pistons:


Can J-Smoove and Jennings coexist? If they can they will be fun to watch. If they can’t it will still be fun to watch them self-destruct before our very eyes.


8: New York Knicks:

Enjoy having Melo, this is his last season before he moves to the Left Coast and starts winning rings with the Lakers. Luckily for the Knicks the rest of the East is so horrible they make the playoffs.


9: Bucks

10: Wizards

11: Raptors

12: Bobcats

13: 76ers

14: Celtics

15: Magic




1: San Antonio Spurs:


Pop is the greatest coach in the NBA right now; he can do the most with the least and always wins. The Spurs are the Ninja of the NBA, silent, sneaky and well trained killers.

2: Golden State Warriors: 

High Octane, great shooters and one wrong turn by Steph Curry and they fall out of the top 8. His ability to stay healthy is the key to the entire season.


3: Los Angeles Clippers:


Great Coach, Great Players and they should steamroll through the regular season, but since they are the Clippers they will not make it out of the West.


4: Denver Nuggets:

 B-Shaw gets his chance; he has a team with a lot of energy and a few guys that can jump through the roof. Best thing…watching JaVale McGee try to think.


Dwight Howard (12) in the 2013 NBA Playoffs. Houston, We may have a problem! Signed, Ott (photo USA TODAY Sports / Richard Mackson)

5: Houston Rockets:


Let’s see how long Harden and D12’s love affair lasts. Harden is a hardnosed competitor and D12 is a clown so I just don’t see them mixing well.


6: Oklahoma City Thunder:


Westbrook is still trying to bounce back from a knee injury, maybe he should stay off of them… anyway… with him being out for at least the first month of the season if not longer, it will let KD get the ball more and prove they don’t need Westbrook, I’d trade him as soon as he gets healthy.


7: Los Angeles Lakers:
Kobe is going to come back and prove everybody wrong, like he does so often. Gasol is healthy and they finally have a young energetic bench. Trust me when I tell you they will make the playoffs. (photo: PR PHOTO)


8: Portland Trailblazers:


Young, tons of talent and something to prove, they either win or lose Aldridge and they don’t want to lose him.


9: Grizzlies

10: Mavs

11: Kings

12: T-Wolves

13: Jazz

14: Suns

15: Pelicans


Enjoy the season, unless you are a Pelicans or a Magic fan.

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