Ott Fashion Breakdown: Week 1

By on September 15, 2015

Week one of the 2015-2016 is done and I feel like I learned a lot, I’ll be here to break each week down for you in true Ott fashion. I’ll do my absolute best to touch on all the hot topics and maybe even discuss a few things you may have missed.



Patriots vs. Steelers:

Brady + Gronk=Unstoppable , I don’t care if their balls are deflated, over inflated or blue… these two are a 1-2 punch no defense wants to deal with. On the other hand… the Steelers looked like a team destined to give about a ton of yards via the passing game.

jetsBrowns vs. Jets:

I really wanted the Browns to do great things this year… I at least wanted the Defense to show up and be a force on the field… I just don’t get what I want when it comes to the Browns. I don’t get the guys in the draft I want, I don’t get to see them bully teams and I certainly don’t get to see them win. Based on this week alone, the Browns will have a top 3 pick in the draft. #FailforCardale? Maybe but knowing the Browns they will trade down and draft Conner Cook who will, over time lead the NFL in interceptions.

30)   Tennessee (2-8) The Steelers figured out the recipe for beating the Titans on Monday night. Run the ball. Rinse, repeat

Titans vs. Bucs:

Mariota vs. Winston… Well I’ve said it all along and so far my predictions ring true… Mariota will have a better career than Winston. Tampa Bay continues to prove they are among the worst teams in the NFL, along with the Browns and the Raiders. Bishop Sankey impressed in his second season, and scored a pair of touchdowns; 2 great gifts for his Mom on her birthday.  Mariota and Sankey will complement each other for years to come as long as they have line in front of them.

Lions, Falcons, Chargers and 49ers:

These four teams have found their Running Backs of the Present and Future. None shined as bright as former Buckeye Carlos Hyde… Boy that kid just steamrolled the Vikings, not to mention a sick spin move that certainly broke ankles or at least bruised a few egos. Wait to players from the Vikings even get to have egos?

Coughlin and Gruden:

Tom Coughlin and Jay Gruden are still on track to be the 1st two coached fired this season.

Falcons, Broncos and Rams:

Fast and Disruptive defenses will win you games. Peyton Manning better take his entire defense out to dinner, lunch and breakfast every day this week and thank them for winning the game. Manning looked old and un-Manning like but his defense saved the day. The Rams had 6 sacks on Sunday, and the Falcons pretty much made Chip’s Eagles look stale and in the end made them crumble.

Houston Texans


I watched Hard Knocks and thought the Texans could surprise some teams this year… I was wrong. Brian Hoyer looked pitiful, and for a team that has so much talent on defense they really couldn’t stop the likes of Alex Smith or Travis Kelce… those two shredded the Texans over and over again. I hope that 1st overall pick of 2014 is what they expected, it’s what I expected… a BUST! The Texans last two 1st round picks gave them a total of 2 tackles against K.C. OUTSTANDING effort!!

19)   Buffalo (5-5) Kicking field goals isn’t the object of football, just in case the Bills didn’t know. The template for beating Buffalo is pretty simple: shut down Sammy Watkins and the offense will follow, no matter how good their defensive front four is

Bills vs. Colts:

Frank Gore and Andre Johnson did NOTHING to help their new team. Luck looked mediocre and Tyron Taylor was nearly perfect, I don’t think that will be the norm all season, but anything can happen any given Sunday. Rex might realty turn things around in Buffalo, they looked rejuvenated and ready fight, unlike the Colts.

North Green Bay Packers

Packers vs. Bears:

Janes Addiction said it… “Nothing Shocking”, Matt Forte continues to be power house, Packers win and Aaron Rodgers has a hot girlfriend.


Jags vs. Panthers:

Why do these cities even have teams but Los Angeles doesn’t?

North Cincinnati Bengals

Raiders vs. Bengals:

I mean the Raiders… they are just as bad as the Bucs, the Browns and the Jags. I picked the Bengals to win the AFN north and after week one I am on track.


Dallas vs. Giants:

The Cowboys were very lucky that Eli and Tom had major brain malfunctions. The Cowboys were unlucky because they lost their best weapon in Dez Bryant for a few weeks. Don’t worry, Romo will find a way to let the team down when it matter most.

13)   Miami (5-3) Ryan Tannehill looks like he is starting to put it together. With the weapons he has on offense, and the NFL’s 3rd ranked defense, the Dolphins are starting to look dangerous (Steve Mitchell / US PRESSWIRE)

The Tannehills  (Steve Mitchell / US PRESSWIRE)

Dolphins vs. Redskins:

 Dolphins might end up being a sleeper team, the Redskins might have a top 5 draft pick and in the end as long as Daniel Snyder is the owner the Redskins will go NOWHERE!!

WEEK 2 Outlook

Broncos vs. Chiefs: Broncos 28-14

Titans vs. Browns: Browns 26-17

Patriots vs. Bills: Patriots 34-13

Texans vs. Panthers: Texans 10-9

Cardinals vs. Bears: Cardinals 17-14

Chargers vs. Bengals: Bengals 24-21

Lions vs. Vikings: Lions 20-14

Bucs vs. Saints: Saints 31-10

Falcons vs. Giants: Falcons 21-17

49ers vs. Steelers: 49ers 23-21

Rams vs. Redskins: Rams 28-3

Dolphins vs. Jags: Dolphins 14-0

Ravens vs. Raiders: Ravens 21-10

Cowboys vs. Eagles: Eagles 35-10

Seahawks vs. Packers: Packers 27-17

Jets vs. Colts: Colts: 28-7

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