Week 3 NFL Picks

By on September 23, 2016
 (USA TODAY Sports / Matthew Emmons)

(USA TODAY Sports / Matthew Emmons)

Hey yo!…. They call me Babbeo the Bookkeeper… I’m here to help you make a little extra paper, so follow close and keep your damn mouth closed to the end. I gots all the info on all the players and teams, I gots little birdies all over the place. Now alls yous need to do is place your bets. Don’t play wit me!

Here are the games for week three… place your bets now and thank me later.

– Cards at Bills: Cards win by how many fingers Johnny da Goombah has… That’s 9… Don’t play!

– Vikings at Panthers: Panthers by lucky number 13… unless the protestors burn the city down, which might not be such a bad idea.

– Broncos at Bengals: Broncos by a late FG… that’s 3 you jerk.

– Packers at Lions: An inside source, he ain’t no Rat, he just likes to talk. But my source says Lions with the upset; I don’t trust him so I’ll go Packers by 14.

– Ravens at Jags: Ravens got this in the bag… Ravens win by a Dime.

– Skins at G-men: New York, New York Big City of Dreams, Giants win by 3…. Wait for it…TOUCHDOWNS!! YEAH! Don’t play wit me!!

– Raiders at Titans: Who cares! I’ll take the Raiders by 6, a real close 6 too.

– 49ers at Seahawks: Yo… Yo… Kap, show some respect. Seahawks over the fancy boys of San Fran by 12.

– Rams at Bucs: I got friends in Tampa I need to keep happy, if you know what I mean… Bucs by 7.

– Chargers at Colts: Chargers by how many bambino’s Rivers has.. Yeah 7 you dummy.

– Jets at Chiefs: Jets lose; I mean they are the Jets. They get the hammer… KC by 12.

– Steelers at Philly: Ain’t no way Eagles go 3-0 with a rookie QB… Steelers by 17.

– Da Bears at Cowboys: This hurts to say but the Cowboys win by hair… Cowboys win by 1.

– Browns at Dolphins: 0-0 tie. Fuggetaboutit!… Don’t play with me!

– Falcons at Saints: Saints go marching all over the birds and win by 17.

See yous all next week!

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