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Antonio Gates keeps the critics silenced as JJ has Gates, Rivers and the Chargers at the top after 5 weeks. (PR PHOTO)

Antonio Gates keeps the critics silenced as JJ has Gates, Rivers and the Chargers at the top after 5 weeks. (PR PHOTO)

Is this the year of the comeback or what? Another weekend, another slate of heart in your throat games, capped off by the Browns largest road comeback in NFL history. No lead is safe. Nothing is as it seems. Throw out everything you thought about this season in week 1, and throw out everything you expect going into week 6. I have a feeling we are in for another crazy ride:


1.  San Diego (4-1)

They beat the champs, and they have the only shutout in the NFL this season. Philip Rivers looks like an MVP candidate

2.   Seattle (3-1)

Business as usual. A little lackluster on the road, but Russell Wilson is special

3. Denver (3-1)

A Demaryius Thomas sighting makes this team more dangerous than they already were. What the hell took him so long?

4. Cincinnati (3-1)

Choking in primetime will haunt them in the post season, but for now, they are still a quality team. They just ran into a pissed off New England team

5. Philadelphia (4-1)

They just keep figuring out ways to win high scoring shoot outs. Has anyone seen Shady McCoy?

6. Indianapolis (3-2)

If the Colts play defense like they did Sunday, watch out. And how does a team end up with Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck back to back for fuck’s sake?

7. San Francisco (3-2)

Possibly the most physical team in the NFL aside from Seattle. We should be in for another fun NFC West race

8. Baltimore (3-2)

No shame in losses to Cinci and Indi. Joe Flacco has to get it going

9. Green Bay (3-2)

Turns out Aaron Rodgers was right Green Bay. Just relaaaaax….

10.Detroit (3-2)

Who ya gonna call? Matt Prater!!!

11. Dallas (4-1)

DeMarco Murray has been the MVP of this team. But can he maintain the workload? The next 4 games will tell a lot about how legit the Cowboys really are

12. Arizona (3-1)

This week the Cards lose Drew Stanton and Calais Campbell. Even Bruce Arian can only do so much with this MASH unit

13. New York Giants (3-2)

Looks like Eli is starting to pick up this new offense. How much will the loss of Rashad Jennings affect the offensive efficiency?

14. Carolina (3-2)

Pretty impressive comeback against the Bears. Was it guts and grit, or a Chicago implosion

15. New England (3-2)

Maybe the Patriots should ask the Boston media to badger them all week from now on

16. Buffalo (3-2)

Resilient bunch if nothing else. Although they should send Alex Henery a thank you card. Perhaps a get well soon card also

17. Kansas City (2-3)

Played tough against the 49ers on the road. This team is much more dangerous than their record indicates

18. Pittsburgh (3-2)

Tough to move them up with the way they looked against 0-5 Jacksonville. For the first time in a while, a game against the Browns looks intriguing

19. Houston (3-2)

If only this team has some offense. JJ Watt is a fucking beast

20. Atlanta (2-3)

The road is not a friend to the Falcons

21. Chicago (2-3)

Underachieving on offense, decimated by injuries on defense. Unless things turn around soon, the Bears are looking at another disappointing season

22. Cleveland (2-2)

Does anyone know what the team is? If the defense actually played two good halves in a game, they may actually be dangerous

23. New Orleans (2-3)

Sliding by Tampa Bay in the Super Dome is another sign that this team is really struggling. The silver lining for the Saints is the NFC South is wide open

24. Miami (2-2)

Tough to fall 4 spots without playing, but there was just too much action around them to keep them at

25. Minnesota (2-3)

Christian Ponder at the helm is never a good thing. Neither is giving up 42 points

26. Washington (1-4)

They played Seattle tough and Kurt Cousins looked much improved. We’ll see how he performs against a depleted Arizona defense

27.Tampa Bay (1-4)

The Bucs have played well behind Mike Glennon in back to back weeks. There should be no question who the starting quarterback of this team is

28. St Louis (1-3)

The Rams gave the Eagles all they wanted. If Austin Davis continues to play like he did on Sunday, he’ll give the St Louis front office something to think about this offseason

29. New York Jets (1-4)

Maybe the Jets would be better if Geno Smith was late to games instead of team meetings

30. Tennessee (1-4)

The only thing titanic about this team is its ability to squander 25 point leads on its home field

31. Jacksonville (0-5)

Slow progress is being made. If this team can put some weapons around Blake Bortles, the rebuild may not take as long as expected

32. Oakland (0-4)

The bye week guaranteed Oakland fans one week where they knew their team wouldn’t lose


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