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JJ says it so!  Up seven  spots DeMarco Murray and the Dallas Cowboys run by Richard Sherman and the Seattle Seahawks (photo USA TODAY Sports / Steven Bisig)

JJ says it’s so! Up seven spots to number 4,  DeMarco Murray and the Dallas Cowboys run all over Richard Sherman and the Seattle Seahawks (photo USA TODAY Sports / Steven Bisig)

A tie. The Browns beating the Steelers. Injuries to Victor Cruz, Alex Mack, Stephan Ridley, Jarod Mayo, and other impact players. The Seahawks losing at home. Yep. Just another week in the topsy turvy, unpredictable NFL. This is why we watch. I can’t wait to see what next week has in store:

1 San Diego (5-1)

  • Close call with Oakland. Not a good omen, but good teams find a way to win

2 Denver (4-1)

  • It should be illegal for Peyton Manning to have weapons like Julius and Demaryius Thomas

3 Philadelphia (5-1)

  • When Shady McCoy is going, this offense is dangerous. Imagine how potent they would be if Nick Foles didn’t lead the NFL in turnovers

4 Dallas (5-1)

  • Five wins in a row, including one on the road at CenturyLink field, warrants a 7 spot jump in the rankings

5 Indianapolis (4-2)

  • Andrew Luck is utilizing every weapon in his offense. Ahmad Bradshaw has given the Colts a legitimate option out of the backfield

6 Baltimore (4-2)

  • I know it was against the Bucs, but damn did the Ravens offense look lethal. Joe Flacco filled his monthly touchdown quota in the first half

7 San Francisco (4-2)

  • Colin Kaepernick was as accurate as I’ve seen him on Monday night. If he throws like that on a consistent basis with the receiving options he has, look out

8 Seattle (3-2)

  • The template has been created for beating the Seahawks. Run the ball and dominate time of possession. The lack of offensive weapons is starting to become a concern

9 Arizona (4-1)

  • This team just keeps flying under the radar. Getting Carson Palmer back helped the passing offense. Speaking of which, is Larry Fitzgerald finally done hibernating?

10 Carolina (3-2-1)

  • Cam Newton is a beast when you consider the offensive talent that surrounds him. A win would have been better, but a tie on the road against a tough Cinci team is still impressive

11 Cincinnati (3-1-1)

  • A loss and a tie in their last two has taken away some of the momentum the Bengals had going. Remember when Mike Nugent was good?

12 Green Bay (4-2)

  • Aaron Rodgers has ice in his veins. His game winning drive was a masterpiece

13 Detroit (4-2)

  • In all my years of watching football, I don’t ever recall a team struggling to make field goals as much as Lions are right now. They almost have to consider going for it on 4th down, don’t they?

14 New England (4-2)

  • Losing Stephan Ridley and Jarod Mayo makes this roster thinner than it already was. Tom Brady has his hands full

15 Chicago (3-3)

  • Solid road win for the Bears. Despite the Falcons’ struggles, it is always tough to come out of the Georgia Dome with a win. Matt Forte scoring a rushing touchdown was a sight for sore eyes

16 Cleveland (3-2)

  • Good teams beat teams they should beat. If the Browns are legit, they should be 6-2 three weeks from now. Brian Hoyer is turning out to be quite a starting quarterback

17 Kansas City (2-3)

  • If the same Chargers show up that showed up against the Raiders, the Chiefs can give them a run for their money this Sunday

18 Houston (3-3)

  • Another game, another close loss. JJ Watt can only do so much

19 Buffalo (3-3)

  • Where is the leadership on this team? I never thought I would say this, but the Bills are missing Mike Pettine’s presence

20 Miami (2-3)

  • They hung tough with the Packers, but you can’t let leads slip away on your home field. Even if it is against Aaron Rodgers

21 New Orleans (2-3)

  • Despite the 2-3 record, the Saints are still in the thick of the NFC South race. A brutal six week stretch will prove if they are contenders or pretenders

22 Pittsburgh (3-3)

  • Black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow. Who are these imposters in Steelers uniforms?

23 Atlanta (2-4)

  • The Falcons already looked a like a questionable bunch. Losing at home is especially concerning. If they can’t go 8-0 at home, how many games can they expect to win on the season?

24 New York Giants (3-3)

  • Eli Manning makes pee pee in his pants every time he sees an Eagles uniform. Victor Cruz’s hands and salsa dancing will be sorely missed

25 St Louis (1-4)

  • Austin Davis doesn’t like to be blitzed much. Too bad he plays in the NFL

26 Minnesota (2-4)

  • Teddy Bridgewater’s learning curve appears to be a little steeper than once thought. The offense is anemic

27 Tennessee (2-4)

  • A two point win over Jacksonville that came down to the last possession doesn’t inspire a lot of excitement

28 Washington (1-5)

  • They stay competitive, but they keep finding ways to lose. I have a feeling all of that, “Kurt Cousins should be the starter” talk will go away once RGIII is healthy

29 New York Jets (1-5)

  • Anyone have a defensive coordinator job coming open next season? Rex Ryan will happily take it

30 Tampa Bay (1-5)

  • Embarrassing effort by the Bucs. With the amount of talent on this roster, should Lovie Smith’s job already be in jeopardy?

31 Oakland (0-5)

  • Tough loss at San Diego. Derek Carr certainly looks promising

32 Jacksonville (0-6)

  • Losing to the hapless Titans put a stop to what appeared to be Jaguars progress
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