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Week Two… ohh yeah baby!!! If week two proved anything it’s that anything can happen on any given Sunday. Look what transpired this weekend… The Browns, Jags, Raiders, Bucs, Redskins and the Panthers all won. We saw Drew Brees, Jay Cutler, and Tony Romo all go down with injuries and did I mention the Browns won!!!  I didn’t do so well on my picks but that’s ok it was an exciting weekend of football overall and did I mention the Browns won?

 (photo Ron Chenoy / USA TODAY Sports)

(photo Ron Chenoy / USA TODAY Sports)

Broncos vs. Chiefs:  

Defense WINS!! Really it does. The Broncos defense continued to rough up opposing offensives. The Broncos Defense had 2 INTS and 4 Sacks on Alex Smith and pressured him for most of the game. Running Back, Jamaal Charles put up impressive rushing numbers but who cares when he fumbled and handed the game (pun intended) to the Broncos.

Patriots vs. Bills:

Oh Rex!!! When will you learn that running your mouth only gets you in trouble? All week you jack-jawed about how your guys would fight and scratch and clay your way to a victory and in the end you came out looking like a turd… Rule one of Football…Don’t talk shit about the Patriots. For as much as you want to dislike Bill Belichick and Tom Brady, in the end they will eat your babies for lunch if you cross them. Brady threw 59 passes, I’m not sure that the recipe for success for the entire season but who am I to question what they are doing…  they are winning and winning easily. Rex may want to find some offensive line help as well; they gave up 8 sacks and let the Pats defense just swarm Taylor all day.

Texans vs. Panthers:

Mallett played better than Hoyer, Foster is still out and JJ Watt has not impressed… that pretty much sums it up for the Texans. Chris Polk has the skill set to be a very good RB in the NFL but I question his mentality and work ethic, he talks the talk but I don’t see him walking the walk. The Panthers got lucky in my opinion, they can’t let Cam be the leading rusher on the team, and they need find an identity other than the Mobile QB running for his life skit.

Cardinals vs. Bears:

DA BEARS!!! Oh boy they are in trouble. I don’t think Cutler getting hurt really makes much of a difference but they are in trouble mostly because they are not that good of a team. They are in a complete rebuild mode at this point. Cutler is worthless, defense really isn’t that good and Forte is the only constant on the team. The Cardinals on the other are the polar opposite, fantastic fundamental football is being played; Carson and Larry show no signs of aging and the defense is doing its part as well.

  (USA TODAY Sports / Aaron Doster)

(USA TODAY Sports / Aaron Doster)

Chargers vs. Bengals:

Melvin Gordon is getting his reps and showing great promise, I REALLY THINK THIS KID IS GOING TO BE SPECIAL.  Bengals look very good and Bernard just ran the hell out of the ball on Sunday. The most impressive stat for me was that Andy Dalton was able to hit 3 different receivers for Touchdowns. He isn’t just relying on A.J. Green to be his work horse any longer.

Lions vs. Vikings:

Adrian Peterson decided to play this week and the Lions running backs decided to take the day off. In fact it looks like the Lions defense took the day off as well. Peterson ran for 143 yards and Bridgewater was 14/18 in a game that was not nearly as close as the 26-16 final score lets on. Lions need help filling the void of Suh and I am not sure that anybody on the roster can remotely close to doing that.

Jameis Winston (photo USA TODAY Sports / Kim Klement)

Jameis Winston (photo USA TODAY Sports / Kim Klement)

Bucs vs. Saints:

Hey Bucs fans have you ever heard the term “Even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes?”  Well that’s how I am thinking about your win over the Saints. At 0-2 and losing Drew Brees I think the Saints are in BIG TROUBLE in the BIG EASY!!! They have not played well even with Brees in the line-up and so I can’t imagine how they will look with Luke McCown under Center. Winston didn’t throw 1 int… that will not happen again. I still say he averages 2 INT’s a game this season.

Falcons vs. Giants:

2 things… FALCONS DEFENSE and JULIO JONES…those 2 seem to be unstoppable right now. Giants look lost and at time even drunk on the field. I keep saying Couglin is going to be on the Hot Seat quick this year and he is only helping me look like a genius.

49ers vs. Steelers:

Did anybody care to tell Carlos he needs to run like he did against the Vikings in every game? He was a non-factor and he cannot be a non-factor if the 49ers want to win games. He is the key to the offense. His running opens the doors to everybody else. He didn’t run and the Steelers had no problem running all over the Niners, who looked amazing against the Vikings.

KIRK COUSINS (photo by: Travis Failey/RSEN)

KIRK COUSINS (photo by: Travis Failey/RSEN)

Rams vs. Redskins:

Who needs RG3 when you have Cousins, Redskins fans love their Cousins that’s for sure…. Yeah!! The Rams desperately need a Running game, they need Gurley to come in and carry the rock to open up the rest of the offense. The Rams defense didn’t seem to be as aggressive as they were last week and that just can’t happen. They need to stay on that hungry feeding frenzy to be the least bit successful this season. There is no reason the Redskins should have won that game.

Dolphins vs. Jags:

Dolphins couldn’t run… that’s the biggest issue I see, next would be I wonder why they paid Suh so much and why he hasn’t produced, he had 2 tackle and ZERO sacks and ZERO pressure on the QB. I mean if the Dolphins are fine with it than why should I care? I think h is grossly overpaid for what he brings to the team. Tannehill is growing on me, he has the weapons at Receiver but still lacks a true stud RB. For the Jags… Bortles might be the savior they needed and T.J. Yeldon already has a better career than Trent Richardson did, boy the Crimson Tide could have used Yeldon this past weekend.

Amari Cooper (photo Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports)

Amari Cooper (photo Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports)

Ravens vs. Raiders:

WTF? REALLY? OMG!!! Those were the typical responses to the final score of that game. I don’t think anybody, including myself saw that one coming. The Ravens miss Suggs A LOT!!! Maybe Ray Lewis will suit back up for them if they continue to struggle. Carr+ Cooper= a very good young duo. I expect the Ravens to bounce back and the Raiders to revert to their losing ways this coming weekend.

Cowboys vs. Eagles:

Romo goes down and Weeden leads the Cowboys to a Victory over Chip Kelly and his wingless Eagles! Murray had 2 yards rushing, Bradford can’t get the Offense on the same page and the Eagles are in big trouble if they don’t find a way to gel on offense. The Chip Kelly experiment may be over sooner than later. SIDE NOTE: Jerry Jones is turbo creepy looking these days.

Seahawks vs. Packers:

l (Rocket Sports & Entertainment file photo/Travis Failey)

l (Rocket Sports & Entertainment file photo/Travis Failey)

Aaron Rogers is absolute STUD and his girlfriend is hot! Rogers has the ability to make magic happen like he is both Penn and Teller! He makes the guys on his team better in every way and that’s a hard thing to do. Back-ups like Jones and Starks came in and with the leadership of Rodgers they made MASSIVE impacts on the game. On the other hand… the Seahawks have to make some adjustments if they want to compete. Hey Pete… You have Jimmy Graham, I think he may need to have more than 2 balls thrown his way during a game, so let’s start there and see if that improves your record **HINT HINT**** IT WILL!!

Jets vs. Colts:

J-E-T-S… JETS! JETS! JETS! I’m not sure what is more surprising; how good the Jets are playing or how poorly the Colts are playing. The Jets are winning due to their defense and the Colts are losing because of both their Defense and Offense. Colts have had no Luck in their 2 loses, they’ve lost pretty much all of their DB’s and the off season additions of Gore and Johnson don’t seem to be paying off that well. The only bright side for the Colts is the play of Moncrief at Wide Receiver; maybe they would trade him to the Browns for John Greco?

Titans vs. Browns:

browns_goneI’m all about the Benjamin’s!!!! That guy is ELECTRIC!!! I think the Browns are getting close to finding out who they really are, the Defense came to play and the Johnny didn’t make any major mistake… GRANTED they did play the Titans and even though Mariota put up big numbers week 1 they are still the Titans. I expected more from Sankey but McCluster really stole the show and may have earned the nod to start the next game.

WEEK 3 Predictions:

Skins vs. Giants: Giants win 20-14

Raiders vs. Browns: Browns win 14-10

Bengals vs. Ravens: Ravens win 24-16

Saints vs. Panthers: Panthers win 13-9 (if Brees plays Saints win 31-10)

Falcons vs. Cowboys: Falcons win 28-3

Bucs vs. Texans: Texans win 24-17 (Watt has 3 sacks)

Chargers vs. Vikings: Chargers win 26-19

Jags vs. Patriots: Patriots win 48-10

Eagles vs. Jets: Jets win 27-10

Steelers vs. Rams: Steelers win 30-27

Colts vs. Titans: Colts win 28-23

49ers vs. Cardinals: Cards win 38-20

Bills vs. Dolphins: Dolphins win 23-21

Bears vs. Seahawks: Seahawks win 42-13

Broncos vs. Lions: Broncos win 31-16

Chiefs vs. Packers : Packers win 33-19

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