Hurdle returns to Montreal

By on March 31, 2017

Clint Hurdle laughs with Toronto Blue Jays manager John Gibbons (EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO)

BRADENTON, FLA. – -A couple of days ago, I ran into a gentleman and talked to him about his return to a city north of the border and here is how it went.

     Pittsburgh Pirates manager Clint Hurdle is looking forward to the two games they play against the Toronto Blue Jays this Friday night and Saturday afternoon

     “I don’t know what it’s going to be like however I am very much looking forward to it,” said Hurdle.  “I enjoyed the city I was part of a generation of players who played against the Expos when they were a good team, it was an exciting time.  Also, I was fortunate to go back to Montreal with the Mets when Rusty Staub was on the team and the way the city would embrace “Le Grand Orange” when he would come back was fun.  So I am really looking forward to this for the short period of time we will be back in Montreal.”

     Hurdle was ask if there was anything in particular he remembered about playing or managing in Montreal?

Toronto Blue Jays manager John Gibbons with Clint Hurdle (EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO)

  “When I played there, there were some big crowds but when I managed people weren’t coming as much.  I remember them having to draw the line on the roof when Kingman hit a home run that was so far high and so far foul they couldn’t tell whether it was fair or foul.  So they ended up painting the roof,  to draw a fair or foul line.   The teams they were able to put on the field, they had some of the best teams in baseball for a certain 10-year period.  I played against Raines, Dawson, played against Wallach, got to see the pitchers Palmer, Martinez, there were so many.  Carter back when he was an Expo and I got to play with him in New York.  So many good players, Warren Cromartie  was one of the guys I got to know pretty well.  But it was just a fun trip to always go and play against a very good team, beautiful city.”

     Hurdle was asked if Montreal should get another shot at having a major league team.

     “You know I am not smart enough to figure that one out.  Last year I heard it was sold out for two games and this year I think it’s going to be sold out for two games.  Sometimes when something is taken away from you the people there have a greater appreciation of what they have lost.  I do know major league baseball is always looking for another good place to play.  Right now I don’t know if we have the capacity to add another team or two, that’s the commissioner’s question.  I would never mind going back to Montreal and playing baseball.  I think it would always be a good thing.”

     Hurdle did announce that Canadian RHP Jameson Tallon will be starting for the Pirates on Friday against the Blue Jays.

     “It kind of happened that way,” said Hurdle of Tallon starting, “It just worked out that way.  He’s a Canadian who grew up in Texas, he has a big fan base that wants to come out to the game and see him.  He pitched for Team Canada in the WBC the last time so I think it’s going to be a very cool opportunity for him to go back, pitch in front of a lot of family and friends.”

     Just remember somethings a good story is as simple as two and two equaling four, eh!



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