Arm the Teaching Populace

By on December 17, 2019

Many people question and wonder why schools are targets in horrific acts of violence.  The simple answer, which still remains, schools are soft targets. The inability of these places to defend themselves is exactly why they are targeted. Many lawmakers have used these shootings to push their anti-gun agenda, as gun grabbers simply believe that removing firearms from the populace would solve these crimes. In fact, they couldn’t be any more wrong. Simply the lack of firearms has led to schools being targeted.

President Trump quoted the NRA, “Ninety-eight percent of mass public shootings have occurred in places where guns are banned, just so you understand.” I guarantee that if simply one gun had been placed in the hands of law-abiding citizen in any of these shootings, countless lives could have been saved. This would appear to be common sense, but to the gun grabbing left seems to want to avoid a very simple solution to a complex problem. Arming the teaching populace, simple.

I personally know many vets who also happen to be teachers at my high school, who I know would be more than willing to protect and guarantee the safety of the campus. Of course, courses would be necessary, background checks, psychological evaluations would be implemented but if basically the idea of teachers being armed would be a deterrent in these acts of evil.

 It removes the label of soft target, and that alone would deter such evil. I mean seriously what criminal would rob a bank if five of the customers in the bank had guns? It seems so simple but yet the left ignores this simple solution. So, the question then becomes why? Why would they choose to attack such bills proposed? Because it doesn’t fit their narrative. And it would increase our gun rights if anything. So why would they continue to let children die at the hands of these monsters if they had a solution?

It comes down to a question of control and suppression of our freedoms. In the United Kingdom and Australia, what finally led to the taking of guns was school shootings and nowadays calling either of places a true democracy would be a disgrace.  Freedoms such as speech and our right to protect yourself have been mutilated by the leftist agenda. Ronald Reagan once stated, “You know, someone very profoundly once said many years ago that if fascism ever comes to America, it will come in the name of liberalism.” And today this couldn’t be truer. Such great nations such as Australia and the United Kingdom have been dismantled by fascists calling themselves liberals. They want to do the exact same thing in America. This is exactly why us a nation must band together against such evil, for to them the ends will justify the means.  

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