Articles By: Nick Sassone

The Ukrainian Problem.

It seems now that in the day an age of almost the year 2022, tumultuous conflict across the world rages furthermore. The Ukrainian conflict is a quite an intriguing one; between the history of Russia and its relationship with the world, and the geopolitical quagmire that is the old Balkan states. Of course, if we […]

Now More than Ever

Now more than ever anytime in the history of the world, has our freedoms been more at stake. Every year our personal liberties have been attacked systematically and endlessly. It seems the deep state knows no bounds on their continuous pursuit of world domination and subversion. At every turn they have thwarted our rights, squandered […]

Juice Wrld: A Musician

Someone I deeply admired was Jarad Anthony Higgins, other wise known as Juice Wrld, he was an American rapper who helped pioneer the “emo-rap” genre. He not only was incredibly talented, but his music was filled with passion not seen in many artists in the rap genre. He was also a deeply troubled man, evident […]

The Illusion of Freedom

The illusion of freedom is the strongest control. Autocratic forms of control were always met with resistance, today’s control is governed through this illusion of freedom. They claim that liberties are worth sacrificing for security, as Ben Franklin said, “…you get neither.” All this recent lawlessness being exhibited in Minneapolis is exactly what they want, […]

The Deep State: The Scariest American truth

      For years I had always questioned this idea of an American deep state controlling the most powerful facets of American government, to me it sounded unbelievable. Only recently did I see the truth. And the truth is the most profound and most terrifying thing this country has faced. The idea of a close net […]

Arm the Teaching Populace

Many people question and wonder why schools are targets in horrific acts of violence.  The simple answer, which still remains, schools are soft targets. The inability of these places to defend themselves is exactly why they are targeted. Many lawmakers have used these shootings to push their anti-gun agenda, as gun grabbers simply believe that […]