The Ukrainian Problem.

By on December 14, 2021

It seems now that in the day an age of almost the year 2022, tumultuous conflict across the world rages furthermore. The Ukrainian conflict is a quite an intriguing one; between the history of Russia and its relationship with the world, and the geopolitical quagmire that is the old Balkan states.

Of course, if we think for a second that the USSR and its old ways simply vanished just because they said so, we’d unfortunately sorely mistaken. It’s quite interesting how such a country could simply claim to be free, yet clearly hold elections with abhorrent fraud, subjugation of its people who choose to protest the government, and an unending rule of a man who’s be at the head of Russia’s “federation” for almost 18 years now. Yet we like to think that such things like Russia being free are true; or maybe it’s perhaps as Americans the problems of other countries somewhat don’t matter, which I tend to agree with under the right circumstances and context.

Maybe the worst of the situation is not the facts of Russia, but the false claim of freedom. I’ve stated for years now and wrote on June 5th, 2020 that the illusion of freedom is the strongest form of control. Back almost 90 years ago, a similar evil once clawed and fought its way to power. But this evil decided to take the worlds freedom by force, and only when the world’s countries united under one cause, was this evil thwarted. I know we’d all like to think that was it. That such evil, shriveled up, and died on that last Berlin battlefield; but let’s be honest for a second, does one really think that after so much effort and struggle, they would all just give in? Do we really think that the hardline communists and socialists who held power for so long in the largest land mass in the world, with a peak population of 286 million simply laid down their arms, and embraced democracy? I think the ignorance of such a thought is quite bliss too. So, the question then becomes, Where? Where did these people go? Perhaps they’re still there, which wouldn’t be that far of a stretch. Maybe they took refuge in China, welcomed with open arms? Or did they infiltrate the many countries that helped facilitate a growing push in their country’s to “Democracy.” Maybe, maybe not, but what is interesting is how corrupt the world’s governments are, including our own illustrious nation. But this is a topic that deserves much more effort than what I am giving it here.

Suffice to say, Ukraine is in a quite a unique situation. Sharing borders with a nation such as Russia, and also owning such land that Russia once held, and now lays claim too. The conflict there has continued to escalate, since February 2014, when Russia forces along with Ultra Nationalist Separatist forces pushed Ukrainian forces about 100 miles into of Donbas region simultaneously. They also laid claim to the Crimea and took control of the area. A cease fire was held on the 5th of September in 2014, but every day since alleged Russian forces have fired on Ukrainian lines, provoking them to break the cease fire. Small arms encounters still happen daily. Recently Russia has threatened to send 200,000 troops to the lines, while also having daily full combat training exercises. As of today, Russian forces are still carrying out full combat training, while military convoys in recent days have been spotted moving along Ukraine’s northern border.

The question has no longer become if, but when for the people of Ukraine. For us the question becomes how will the world stage react and will they even care? Likely not, but if Russia aggression continues, maybe perhaps they might start reclaiming other territory that was once theirs, such a Latvia, and Estonia, perhaps even Poland. Only time will tell, and as time ages furthermore shall be clear to us. Eventually I fear there is worse to come, but that remains to be seen I suppose.

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