Justice is almost served

By on June 23, 2012
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Sooooo Jerry Sandusky is found guilty of 45 of the 47 charges against him is really no big surprise to me. The man is a real life Freddy Krueger, he will haunt these boys and I’m sure many more that are still unable to come to terms with the horrific acts forced upon them. I could think of a few million ways to punish Sandusky and yet none of them seem to come close to amount of pain I think these boys will feel every single day of their lives.

What I do find sadly surprising is the fact that not many people are asking for Dottie Sandusky to stand trial. A few of the boys even made mention of her being present when these evil acts occurred, so why no outcry for justice on this case? Is it because she is a woman? Is it because I’m crazy for thinking there is no possible way she didn’t know? I really need somebody to explain this to me. She is almost as guilty as her husband for not stopping it. Do not!!!! I repeat DO NOT come at me with a “maybe she tried and nobody would help her” nonsense either.

Look the simple truth is if you want to stop a child molester you can. Going to the police is a pretty easy thing to do, hell you can do from the privacy of your own home and call 911. I don’t care how much you love somebody, you simply would not let this happen. So why did Dottie Sandusky let her husband terrorize so many lives? Why did she turn her back on these boys? These are all questions I would like for her to answer. She did not do the actual act but she did nothing to stop it.

I would like for her tell a judge and jury why she stood by and let her husband rape young, helpless little boys over and over again. I would like her to explain how she knew nothing of it and yet the boys knew of her and testified that she was present. I would like for her to stand in front of her peers and tell them she was completely powerless to stop it, and had no choice but to accept it.

Maybe I am the only one that feels this way, or maybe I am the only one that thinks its crime what she did not do. Is it possible she is just a crazy lady or partially unstable herself? Well yes she is crazy and she is unstable no matter how you look at it, if she knew and did nothing she is a monster herself, if she really had no clue what so ever she takes the cake for the most mentally inapt human to walk the planet in some time.

I am honestly going to look into a way to make her stand trial, so if you know of any lawyers send them my way. I am very serious, this absolutely disgusts me and I can’t let it pass without finding out more. I have to try, the hardest part is done, the real monster is caged, but Dottie is monster as well and it’s not justice if all parties are not held responsible.

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