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BYE! BYE! (photo by US PRESSWIRE / Mara Ticcino/The Daily Collegian)

With Jerry Sandusky being found Guilty of 45 of 48 counts the only shocker here is,  really?  He’s actually innocent on three of the charges?

But let’s talk historical…

Is this the worst public trial insult to defense attorneys everywhere?

Did Joe Amendola actually get his Juris Doctor  from a Cracker Jack box?  Georgetown must be really proud of your performance.

Why would Joe Amendola even defend this case when it was so clear to what the outcome would be?

Is his quote in the Centre Daily Times article, Amendola says, “I’ll probably die of a heart attack” referring to if Sandusky was acquitted of everything.  Hey Joe, that’s what we all said back in November during your scumbag client’s interview with Bob Costas.

Oh yea, another stupid quote from the Amendola in the article, “We fought our butts off.”   What?!?  First of all just an atrocious choice of a word to use and really, you fought that hard?

So where does Amendola go from here?  He might have a future career on the prosecution since he did such a great job of helping in convict his client.  We can only hope that evidence comes out, for Joe’s sake that he was working under cover for the prosecution.  You know like a drug informant.

(good article from NY Daily News, apparently Joe and Jerry share a common interest)

(Rocket Sports & Entertainment June 19th article by Darius Thigpen)

And then there is Dottie Sandusky… Dottie just shut up!  She is still maintaining that she believes her husband’s innocent.  She’s lucky she did not get indicted. Have you seen Dottie? Look!  Hey Jerry, being married to Dottie must be rough but there’s plenty of ah, WOMEN!  That are old OLD ENOUGH!  Oh we ok with you playing for either team, your choice, the key is OLD ENOUGH!  Pretty simple scumbag.

OT with JOSH, get Josh Ott’s spin on Dottie

(photo by USPRESSWIRE / Eric P. Mull)

There was OJ and Casey Anthony, say what you want at least there was some doubt cast.  This Sandusky thing, not even close.

And this is good, according to the Centre Daily Times, Sandusky is in an isolation cell for his own protection, way to good for him.  The rumor mill has it that convicts do not scumbag criminals that prey on innocent children. That means, Sandusky is a scumbag to the scumbags!

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