Now More than Ever

By on January 17, 2021

Now more than ever anytime in the history of the world, has our freedoms been more at stake. Every year our personal liberties have been attacked systematically and endlessly. It seems the deep state knows no bounds on their continuous pursuit of world domination and subversion. At every turn they have thwarted our rights, squandered our beliefs and dismantled our dreams. They care little for human life and less for human suffering. To them we are but simply a means to an end. But that must be no more. No more must we ideally stand by and hope our system will stop their malevolent crusade. No more must we endure the lies and manipulation that is clear as day. Now more than ever we must unite as a people and stand up for our great nation that so many have died for. This is not merely a call to arms, it is a call to war, a war that will decide the fate of humanity and her free world. No more will we be censored; no more will we be silenced. It shall be an end to the true criminal injustices of our society and no more will democracy be stolen, virus’s spread and victims be claimed.

It is transparent in the Constitution that an oppressive government in the United States can be abolished and the Constitution reinstated. There is no other time this can happen, for there is no time to wait. As a patriot, my love for this nation far exceeds my fear of death; therefore, I would die any minute as a free man before I will ever die a slave. This is a critical and final time in our nation’s history. But we must stand ready not to only face our oppressors, but to stand against the forces of darkness that have so deeply corrupted our home. If America falls, so shall the world; and I do believe in my heart of hearts, that it has already happened. This was not a fair election, it never has been; with their propaganda machines, churning out deceit after deceit. Lie after lie, our country has never been at stake like it is now. This plan of theirs has been brewing for centuries and intends to destroy not only our freedom, but the very fabric of our society. These people are not simply driven by greed or such frivolities as power, it is pure unadulterated evil and every day we grow closer to their iron grasp. President Trump was our last defense between them and the free world.  The system and our nation him. Not only did the system corruptly placed someone in office in the last administration, it corruptly kept him there.  Where are our leaders and members of the republican party during this? Standing not only ideally by, but with them they too have been corrupted. There is no one left that we as a free people can rely on to protect our liberties, our properties and our lives. This is why we must as a people, must stand as the final protector of our rights and our country, there is no one left but us.  We are not alone, there are millions of Americans who I know in my heart believe the very same ideas I do. There is simply no substitute to banding together as mankind and calling a stop to this insurrection. It is time to rise up and retake the throne of freedom that is so ideally being dismantled and destroyed. This is not a simple thing to accept, but it is our only recourse on the road to freedom.

 Questions to ask yourself… Will you remember standing by as your friends disappear without a trace?  Will you be ok with your children grow up learning nothing but mind controlled statism?  Could you imagine your property being taken from you? And churches be burned and religion discarded? You standing by as our world morphs into the lifeless existence of total control? If no, then will one remember this call.  This opportunity to stand up for what you believe in. Too late will begin ringing in all our ears. Unless we take immediate action towards the re-freeing of our society, we may face the questions above. They will not prevail, and we must not surrender. We must not die, while they win. We must fight, not only for ourselves for our family, for our friends, and for each and every one of the future Americans.  Americans who will be robbed of the feeling of being a true American. May God bless us all, amen.

“It was for freedom that Christ set us free; therefore keep standing firm and do not be subject again to a yoke of slavery.” GALATIANS 5:1

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