The Illusion of Freedom

By on June 5, 2020

The illusion of freedom is the strongest control. Autocratic forms of control were always met with resistance, today’s control is governed through this illusion of freedom. They claim that liberties are worth sacrificing for security, as Ben Franklin said, “…you get neither.” All this recent lawlessness being exhibited in Minneapolis is exactly what they want, a reason to further pursue individual freedom in the supposed sense of security, which is only a vail of fascist control.

         Divide and Conquer: Logically, to usurp a country such as the United States would be extremely difficult; that’s why no country has attempted a land invasion of the US, the populace would be too hostile to ever control. Therefore, they found an easier route. The fascists and communists of old, managed to infiltrate every layer of our great democracy, and slowly they have revealed themselves for who they truly are. 2016 was a polarizing year, they showed their true colors because they were losing. They are not even liberal anymore, and people like JFK would have been conservatives today. Regardless, considering the problem of a hostile populace, the easiest way to topple such a society and establish an autocracy, would be through dividing a united people. With the entire mass media under their control, they are able to warp public opinion of those who listen in any way they choose, stir up hate, stir up fear, stir up hysteria. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what they have done, they knew exactly what they were doing. They poured gasoline into a fire, and it has erupted into nationwide civil unrest not seen since the 90’ LA riots. The question then becomes, why would they want lawlessness? The answer is simple, it gives them an excuse to exert more control, and allows them to take liberties.

           The Modern Plantation: That is the idea that unfortunately, the lower socioeconomic classes, which includes blacks, are specifically designed to be poor, and designed to become dependent on government money and support. This was achieved through a few methods, first of course is welfare itself, first implemented by FDR, during agreeably a rough economic time in US history, yet I believe this was the start. At first many democrats truly despised blacks, but once they realized they had republican support, they found they could manipulate the blacks into voting democrat. Lyndon B Johnson once said, “I’ll have n****** voting democrat for 200 years,” and nowadays blacks are told that they aren’t black if they aren’t voting democrat. This modern plantation is worse than slavery, its perceived freedom. Another way they attempted to control blacks was through planned parenthood, a despicable corporation that’s founder said on quote “We do not want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the negro populace” Margret Sanger. Many of the first planned parenthood locations, were in the poorest and typically overwhelming black. Of course, today the left praises planned parenthood, and many don’t understand its sinister roots.

           Liberal Media Industrial Complex: “A lie told often enough, becomes truth”- Vladimir Lenin (his actual name was Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov), Lenin knew this all to well. All autocratic dictators had control of the media, and used it to subsequently to subvert and dilute the flow of information, in their favor. Just like Hitler had Joseph Goebbels, the deep state has an entire mass of media, since the format has media has changed, they needed to successfully infiltrate all of them. I remember vividly when Amy Robach, live on NBC said that 3 years ago, she had the entire Epstien story and was told by executives to snuff the it. This corruption runs so deep its almost systematic at this point, with the combination of Youtube’s censorship of conservative content, to twitters shadow banning, to Facebooks manipulated trending pages. This is an essential part of control in the minds of fascists and communists, and of course it is. The control of the flow of information allows a government- (or shadow government) to create or destroy history. And that thought is truly terrifying. Imagine being simply erased from history, as was evident in the USSR were people were “vaporized” because they either failed the state or didn’t fit the narrative, and therefore had to be eradicated. Let’s say theoretically I’m completely right, how scary would that be? And people like me would absolutely be on top of the lists.

     The Covid Test: Covid was merely a test in my opinion, to see how society would react to total control. I believe this, for there are a multitude of pieces of evidence suggesting it was a man-made virus and that it came from a lab in Wuhan, located only 100 meters from the seafood market. Also, the manager of the lab, allegedly was selling animals they were testing on to the market. Second, China attempted to hide its existence until almost January, and it was perfectly timed with the largest human migration in the world, the Chinese New Year. The question then becomes why? Well like I said they wanted to see how obedient society would be, they also wanted to remove socialization, for when people talk, they spread ideas and think, which is threatening to an authoritative government. In fact, Cuomo is talking about doing away with classrooms entirely, and moving it to all online, and partnering with Bill Gates. Which of course is all part of their agenda of removing socialization, especially among children, who are quite malleable at that age. Also, the all the “online gym” fads are being pushed to, which is scary considering its right out of 1984. Its even more apparent in the UK, where people are told to narc on their neighbors for not abiding by social distancing. Truly frighting times, the chance of me being right regardless the percentage, it’s scary that I could be right, and I pray that I’m not, but I fear I am.

                The Crimes of the EU: It’s horrible what the EU has done to Europe, forcing sanctions on members that don’t abide by their wants and wishes. They truly have ruined Europe’s safety, by purposely forcing countries to take in immigrants from the middle east. This led to a spike in all kinds of crime, and France is now the terrorist attack capitol of the world, Stockholm the rape capitol of the world, and London the acid attack capitol of the world. It’s horrible, they knew exactly what they were doing, calling it in the name of “diversity,” thousands of children, men women and the elderly have paid the price of this “diversity” with their lives, their dignity and their property. It makes me so angry because the EU knows what they are doing. And it gets worse every day, with the UK banning forks and butter knives in public, so protecting yourself is an impossibility; in fact, if someone breaks into your house and you kill them, you’ll go to jail for murder. All in the name of political correctness and diversity, people die everyday as they slowly advance their agenda until, they have true lawlessness, and they will then suggest their solution, total control. The also has talked about an EU army as well, isn’t that a frightening thought? In my opinion, those bastards deserve a bullet for every life they have costed in the name of “diversity” it makes me sick just thinking about it.             

          The Solution: Unfortunately, there isn’t one. Not a simple one, either we must gut and reform the governments of the world, with all newly elected leaders and elected politicians, which would not be an easy task, and they most definitely would not surrender after all the progress they have achieved. Unfortunately, without violence I don’t believe they can be rooted out; which I believe they will eventually make an attempt, once they realize in places like America, they can’t win democratically. This is exactly why every law-abiding citizen should own a fire arm, for that is the true solution. I hate I even have to talk like this, but the chance of me being right outweighs my acceptance of a world of control, where individuality is dead, collective thinking is the way of life, and liberty and freedom is dead.

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