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Southern California Trojans linebacker Su'a Cravens (left), coach Steve Sarkisian (center) and quarterback Cody Kessler.  (photo Kirby Lee / USA TODAY Sports)

Southern California Trojans linebacker Su’a Cravens (left), coach Steve Sarkisian (center) and quarterback Cody Kessler. (photo Kirby Lee / USA TODAY Sports)

Steve “F-ing” Sarkisian should be ashamed of himself. He calls himself a coach yet he gets in front of people and acts like this, “unacceptable”  is the only word that comes to mind.  His choice of words do not echo “Coach” or “Leader” they echo that of weak and powerless chump.  Maybe he needs a lesson in public speaking, maybe he has demons that are deeply rooted in his subconscious or maybe he was never properly taught how to act when the cameras are rolling.

Yes I am very upset that this man stood in front of the media and apologized for saying the F-word and for being intoxicated. If you are butt-hurt over a grown man having a few drinks and dropping a few curse words I would hate to see how you react to what is said in the Locker Rooms of every college and Pro team. I would hate to see how you react to the way a Drill Sergeant talks to his troops, you have not heard a string of curse words like the one a Drill Sergeant can put together in a fit aggravation.

Steve… you don’t need to say you are sorry for cursing or for being well oiled, you should have stood in front of the news cameras and told them to F-OFF!!! The media tends to make something out of nothing, he was just trying to get the competitive fire lit in his team and the fans, and I for one really appreciate that.

Have we really come to this? Have we come to a time where a Coach can’t fire up his team by dropping a few F-Bombs? Have we come to the time where an adult being slightly intoxicated in a hyped up party like atmosphere is Breaking News? F-That!!! We cover sports and entertainment here and I for one would not have even mentioned this had Sarkisian not gone in front of the media and spoke about being sorry for his actions. Maybe those of you that were offended by his actions or his words should worry about more pressing issues in world today.  The mainstream media wants to sensationalize these minor issues because they don’t have the creative juices to find another worthwhile story.

A loud mouthed, drunken coach… yep I’ll for it if that’s what it takes to rally your team. A coach that drops a few F-bombs is better than a coach that whimpers and whines. I’d rather have a coach cursing at me than praying for me, I’d rather have a coach that knows how to get me fired up than a coach that speaks softly and hopes his words marinate over time… When you are coaching you need the players to react… NOW!! Not hope they get it later.

I am still frustrated that he apologized; I wish he hadn’t but he did and it’s done. At this point he needs to move on get back to coaching his team, not holding press conferences telling folks they shouldn’t mix meds and booze, his job isn’t to be counselor, his job is to win and teach his players the game. By any means necessary, within the boundaries of the rules… I don’t recall there ever being a rule in football about not cursing and as far as drinking goes… CHEERS COACH!!!


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