Strike Three for ‘OLE AD

By on October 13, 2015
Mar 3, 2015; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Southern California Trojans coach Steve Sarkisian (left) and athletic director Pat Haden at spring practice at Cromwell Field. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Steve Sarkisian (left) and  Pat Haden at spring practice at Cromwell Field. (Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports)

Pat Haden can’t keep a coach in line, he can’t make the right hire and he really is the reason for the demise of the Trojans of USC. It’s his fault they hired Lane Kiffin (Strike ONE!), It’s his fault they didn’t keep Ed Oregon on staff (Strike TWO!!) and it’s his fault they hired Steve Sarkisian (STEEEERRRRRIIKE THREEE!!!) Pat Haden is in fact the PROBLEM! I am the solution.

First on my list is to remove Pat Haden, I’m not asking for a resignation, no he should be fired, he’s done nothing to warrant the privilege of a resignation. In fact I look at what he has done to the USC brand as theft, he took money… about $1.3 million a year and has left the school with nothing to show, that’s theft in my book. So I’ve now fired Pat Haden and have begun my search for a new AD for the school. My 1st call would go to Jim Tressel; I offer him the same deal that Pat Haden has plus incentives.

Now that Jim is the AD I’ll assume his role:

ME(JIM): Hey Mark how would you like to be the next coach the USC Trojans?

Mark Dantonio: Why would I want to leave Michigan Sta…. oh wait… Leave the Midwest for SoCal… ON a PLANE NOW!!

ME(JIM): Can’t wait to see you.

Now if it were really that easy!!!

Seriously though, that makes so much sense it’s crazy. Tressel is no longer looking to coach and he and Dantonio go WAYYYYY back. As long as Urban Meyer is at THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY and Harbaugh is at the other team up North, Dantonio really will have a hard time recruiting quality guys to play for the Spartans. He might as well leave the Spartans for the Trojans.

I’ve solved the Trojans headache… They now stand a chance to with the PAC-12, move on to the Big Games and have a bright future. Will they do it? I doubt it but it makes sense. USC needs to make all the right choices or they will lose recruits and do something have not had to do for a very long time, get used to losing a lot of games on a regular basis.

For those of you that don’t know, Tressel was the HC of the Buckeyes in 2002 when they won the National Championship and Mark Dantonio was the Buckeyes DC, he ALWAYS fields a very good defense and has never had run in with law, been investigated for recruiting violations and more importantly… he is not a slobbering drunk. He, along with Tressel would recreate and validate the Trojans in College football again.

Now, since I doubt the Trojans make this move I’ll name a few more options they could possibly go after:

  1. Chip Kelly: If he gets canned in Philly he’ll be college ready, he already knows the Pac-12 and was always pulling kids from California up to Oregon, he’ll have to be a top target.

  1. John Harbaugh: Harbaugh might not be the Ravens coach much longer, I mean they are 1-4 and just lost to the Browns. While he doesn’t have a ton of recruiting history he is a big name and has NFL connections.

  1. Bob Stoops: The name alone brings in players, he may be looking to make a change, who wants to live in Oklahoma anyways?

  1. Kirby Smart: as the DC for Bama, he has proven to field a feisty group and the players give him their all. He might not have the flashy name recognition as Chip Kelly but he does have the knowledge to be a HC, plus I’m sure learning from Booby Bowden and Nick Saban doesn’t hurt.

  1. Kyle Whittingham: A California native returning home! Whittingham has built a pretty solid team in Utah, but let’s be honest… Utah or USC… yeah I doubt he has do much thinking there. Again, not a flashy name to the general public but a very good coach with ZERO baggage. He is known for being a great Leader and mild mannered.

Lastly maybe they get the Ol’ Ball Coach to come out West! Steve Spurrier resigned from the USC (University of South Carolina) maybe they could talk the 70 year grumpy SOB to rebuild the Trojans, it’s the longest of long shots but at this time the Trojans need to think WAY OUTSIDE THE BOX!

The Trojans need a recognizable name or a true Leader, having both would be ideal. That’s something Kiffin and Sarkisian lacked, Kiffin was a flashy hire but he couldn’t lead, Sarkisian was known in the Pac-12 but liked the booze more than the playbook. The names I’ve offered have what it takes to LEAD, COACH, and WIN.



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