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hot seatCould we be on the verge of the largest purge of NFL Head Coaches? As it stands right now I can count 11 possible coaching vacancies after the season is over. 9 on the seat, 2 already gone and possibly more to come… this makes my job fun. I’ve been watching and writing about the coaching carousel for years and I can’t think of a more unstable time to be a Head Coach.

I’ll start with the teams that have already have openings and go from there.

Miami Dolphins:

Many think Dan Campbell, the interim coach, will keep the job… I am not one of those

 (Steve Mitchell / US PRESSWIRE)

(Steve Mitchell / US PRESSWIRE)

people; I don’t think he will do enough to prevent the team from interviewing other candidates. Don’t get me wrong, he will make a fine Head Coach someday; this just isn’t the time for him to take over a team that needs to make the leap to the playoffs.

Possible replacements:

Mike Shula: Yep bring in another Shula to make the Dolphins great again. Mike is has the Panthers Offense hitting on all cylinders right now and seeing how the Panthers are undefeated Shula will be getting offers from more than one team, Miami should be the first team to offer him a job.

Sean Payton: A lot of rumors are going around that the Saints will let Payton walk (dumb idea) but hey if he has a chance to leave why not offer him a job in Sunshine State.

Kevin Sumlin: Ryan Tannehill would love to have college coach; Sumlin is one of handful of college coaches that could make the jump the NFL and pairing him with a QB that already knows his system will make the transition even easier.

Honorable Mention: Dan Campbell.

Tennessee Titans:

 (USA TODAY Sports / Aaron Doster)

(USA TODAY Sports / Aaron Doster)

Whisenhunt didn’t pan out, his team was flat and ineffective so they canned him, who could come in and run a system that Marriota would thrive in? Oh man I just can’t thi…. Oh wait, just wait!

Possible replacements:

Chip Kelly: Chip is pretty much done in Philly and Chip wanted Marcus just as much as Marcus wanted Chip.

Art Briles: He is another college coach that could make that jump to the NFL. His offense is up-tempo and that would suit Marcus and the rest of the offense very well.

Adam Gase: Gase’s name will be thrown around a lot this offseason, I’m not sure the Titans will go with a guy with no HC experience but he might be a guy worth the gamble.

Todd Haley: Haley has the experience the Titans may be looking for, his offense has been pretty impressive to watch this year and with the weapons he will have it could make a match made in heaven.

San Francisco 49ers:

Let me say this… Jim Harbaugh should still be the Head Coach here. The 49ers are not going anywhere any time soon with their current situation. Dumb and Dumber… York and Baalke are going to send the 49ers right back to the bottom. They need to have a coach that demands and get the best out the players, a coach that understands the NFL and a coach that has NFL HC experience. Tomsula, he might be a good line coach but not a very good head coach.

Possible replacements:

Dom Capers: His defense is doing well in Green Bay, he has HC experience and the players will work hard for him.

Jim Mora: He turned the program at UCLA around and I think he is very deserving of another shot in the NFL.

Josh McDaniels: You can’t deny that what Josh has done in New England is anything short of spectacular; he has truly redeemed himself from the disastrous time in Denver.

Hue Jackson: Raiders should have kept him, Bengals have thrived with him as the OC and I would think that he would do wonders with Carlos Hyde.

Philadelphia Eagles:

What did Chip think was going to happen? Sam Bradford and Mark Sanchez are your QB’s, he traded away all the talent and speed he had on offense and is now left with the fact that he actually made the team worse.

Possible replacements:

Sean McDermott: Sean has a lot of history with this organization and after Andy Reid fired him I think there was some bad blood there. Now that McDermott coaching one of the best defenses in the NFL I think the Eagles will reach out to him.

Kyle Shannahan: Somebody has to offer him a HC job; it might as well be the Eagles.

David Shaw: The Chip Kelly experiment didn’t turn out all that great, maybe they go with another College guy.

Hue Jackson: Hue is one coach that EVERY team should look at, as I stated before he should have never been fired from the Raiders.

Detroit Lions:

What can I say here? The Lions have all the offensive weapons to make them a top notch team, they need help on defense so I think they should go the route of a Defensive minded coach and rebuild that side of the ball.

Possible replacements:

Mark D'Antonio after winning the 2012 Outback Bowl with Michigan St. (Travis Faliey/RSEN)

Mark D’Antonio after winning the 2012 Outback Bowl with Michigan St. (Travis Faliey/RSEN)

Mark Dantonio: Why not? I know he loves being a Sparty, but he could easily take that step into the NFL ring… His schemes would work well and he would have tons of hometown love.

Teryl Austin: From everything I hear he is the one guy the Lions players love to play for and be coached by. If they keep it in house he is the only guy worthy of the job.

John Harbaugh: Why not get both Harbaough boys coaching in Michigan? I think the Ravens would be idiots to let him go, but this season has not been pretty for the Ravens. If he is in fact let go the Lions make the most sense.

David Shaw: Shaw and Sumlin are two names that keep popping up as far going to the NFL.

New York Giants:

Every year I think the Giants will make a coaching change and every year I’m wrong… I’m not giving up. I think if a few names are out there and Giants miss the playoffs (which they shouldn’t) they will be forced to make the change.

Possible replacements:

Sean Payton: He wins games and he has a way with QB’s.

Nick Saban: Time to redeem? Saban would only leave Bama for 2 or 3 teams, the Giants being one of them.

Brian Kelly: I think this is the only team Kelly would leave ND for.

Todd Haley: Haley will get tons of calls this offseason, his system is thriving and the Giants need somebody that can help spice up their offense.

Baltimore Ravens:

Ray Rice (PR PHOTO)

Ray Rice (PR PHOTO)

This team is a mess, it all started when Ray Lewis retired, and then they gave Flacco one of the most ridiculous contracts I’ve seen, then Ray Rice, now Flacco is hurt.. FLUSH…….. yep that’s the sound of this season for the Ravens. Is it enough for them to fire Harbaugh? I wouldn’t but crazier things have happened.

Possible replacements:

Mike Shula: Shula should be getting a few calls this offseason after what he has done in Carolina.

Hue Jackson: Boy his name keeps popping up and for a good reason; this guy is a hell of a coach.

Jim Mora: Defense is what won the Ravens a Super Bowl and Defense is what Mora lives by.

Nick Saban: Saban and Ozzie go way back to the Browns days and I think Saban will be ready to try the NFL again after this season.

New Orleans Saints:

Since their Super Bowl win things have been on the decline in the Big Easy, maybe it’s

Drew Brees (PR Photo)

Drew Brees (PR Photo)

time to break away from Payton and get some new blood in Cajun country. I think the Saints need more help on defense but for some reason I think they hire another Offensive minded guy.

Possible replacements:

Josh McDaniels: I have never been a fan of McDaniels but my eyes don’t lie, he is destroying defenses with the help from Brady.. Brees may be getting older but under Josh I think he would excel.

Adam Gase: Another QB guru… he did wonders for Manning in Denver and has actually done a good job with Plummer in Chicago, Brees would thrive in his system.

Kyle Shannahan: Another Offensive guy that understands the division and would help prolong the career of Drew Brees.

Sean McDermott: Like I said I think he is a hot commodity with how well he has done in Carolina, plus I mentioned the Saints need all kinds of help on the defensive side.

San Diego Chargers:

Phillip Rivers to Antonio Gates (PR PHOTO)

Phillip Rivers to Antonio Gates (PR PHOTO)

Mike McCoy has not done a very good job for the Bolts, they might be moving cities and if they do they will be looking for a new HC.

Possible replacements:

Josh McDaniels: Let’s not pretend that watching Rivers in a McDaniels system wouldn’t be amazing.

Adam Gase: See the routine here? Rivers getting matched with guys that have worked with elite QB’s is a very smart move.

Art Briles: Hell why not!

Todd Haley: Again, Rivers in this offense would thrive.

Dallas Cowboys:



I don’t know how much longer people can say that Romo and Garrett are the best guys for the job. Romo is made of glass and Garrett must be a sadist the way he throws Romo to the Wolves week after week.

Possible replacements:

Sean Payton: he should have had the job years ago.

John Harbaugh: He is used to winning without a top tier QB.

Art Briles: Keeping it in State.

Nick Saban: I think this is the most likely to happen.

Cleveland Browns:

browns_gone1Pettine and staff are Horrible at best, Farmer makes worse decisions than homeless crack head looking for a fix and Manziel is still a nasty drunk midget. So where do they go from here?

Possible replacements:

Todd Haley: I would love the idea of the Browns stealing Haley away from the Steelers.

John Harbaugh: Again, stealing away a great coach from a division rival.

Josh McDaniels: At some point a Belichcik disciple has to work out for the Browns…right?

Kevin Sumlin: Screw it, keep Manziel and see how things go with his old College coach calling the shots.

The Jags and the Rams are on the fence in my book, they could go either way… I’ll be sure to keep you updated as time goes on.

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