Memorial Day not the same in Phoenix

By on May 27, 2018

Back on May 10, 2018 I received an e-mail from VFW Post 5540’s Commander Eric Mills stating that I wasn’t announcing this years Memorial Day Parade on May 28th.

After over a week I found out from Mills that at the May meeting at Post 5540 it was voted on that I not announce the parade.  I have repeatedly asked why I was not allowed to answer any charges much less defend myself.  In-fact I have no idea what I might have done wrong.

As a note I did talk to Mills at the post home on May 12th and he did use the F-word talking to me.  Of course I did not lower myself to his standards.

Back in 2006 Post 5540 gave me a life membership to ensure that I would announce the parade which I have done live since 2004.  That along with six years (1991-1996) which I did radio and television brought me to 20 years in 2017 announcing the parade in Phoenix.

I do know that after being told by the Halstead Brothers prior to the parade in 2017 that the Phoenix School District wouldn’t fly the flags at the three schools in the village Memorial Day.  The reason I was told was they couldn’t afford paying an individual time and a half to put the flags up.  And this after Post 5540 gave them new flags for the schools.

Now I mentioned that no school was flying a flag before the start of the parade and afterwards one older woman made a less than complimentary remark at me for mentioning the school’s shortcoming.

According to my sources that is the only complaint anyone has so why am I out a bunch of money I put out for a trip I won’t now be making.

If that isn’t bad enough I now won’t be able to deliver any MLB autographed items to Post 5540 to auction off for the benefit of needy children, this coming holiday season.

Eric Mills

Therefore, to those behind all this, you didn’t hurt me only a group of needy children.  Now I guess since I am unable to continue my obligation of announcing the parade then maybe I should return my VFW Life Membership to the national office.

In closing I guess the more you try to give back to those you grew up with or those in need the more that someone, somewhere will try and step on your good intentions.

Hey, at least the fire company likes me.

PS-Just so you-all know and that is one of the Blue-Gray High School All-American football game announcers from the past two years on ESPN 3 won’t be there to assist me on May 28th.


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