Bobaflex exorcises their Eloquent Demons at Jannus Live

By on February 7, 2018


With Together in Exile, Didges Christ Super Drum, MuphinChuckrs

Janus Live, St. Petersburg

03 February 2018

            It was a cool February night in St. Petersburg, and Jannus Live was poised to heat up the night with the West Virginia boys of Bobaflex.  Accompanying Bobaflex were Tampa natives Together in Exile, Planet Grok guests Degus Christ Super Drum and St. Petersburg’s own MuphinChuckrs.


Together in Exile started off the evening playing blistering metal with melodic harmonies.  The band’s mantra of “playing hard while working hard at what they love” was evident.  With loud infectious tunes, the band’s followers called the “Deviant Army” were satiated like getting their next fix of their favorite treat.   Lead Singer Thomas Crane’s “Edward Scissorhands” persona connected with the crowd and made for a well-earned spot opening for the show.


Didges Christ Super Drum (DCSC) took the stage second and transported the crowd to another dimension.  The GWAR/White Zombie/Nine Inch Nails interstellar music was a fresh breath to your average rock band.  DCSC was not just music, but a show of grand proportions, with dancers, digeridoo and djembe playing all within the confines of heavy heart pounding metal.

DCSC played their song “Broken Robot” sending the crowd into a frenzy wanting more.  All in all, they are poised to really make a mark on the music scene with their unique take on metal.


MuphinChuckrs performed third on the bill and proved they were no slouch.  The 90s/early 2000s style rock was just what the doctor ordered.  The more they played, the more the crowd grew and their punk influences shown through really got the crowd moving.  Lead Singer Dustin White’s vocals were something to hear, amazing vocal range and solid through-in-through.

Backed up by Guitarist Dan Edwards, Bassist Nate Reid and Drummer Zach Phillips the band was very tight and did not skip a beat.  The Bradenton, FL boys are a must see if they are in your area.


The night’s final and greatly anticipated act of the evening, Bobaflex took the stage and didn’t hand it back until they were finished with it. Supporting their eighth and newest release “Eloquent Demons,” Bobaflex put on a show that was not to be upstaged by anyone on tonight’s bill or on any stage in the country. To say they left it all on the stage is an understatement and it’s because of this that they have accumulated a rabid fan base that will travel to all parts of the country to watch them play

 Bobaflex started their set with their “Eloquent Demons” intro and with it, they theatrically introduced the band.  As founding members and brothers Marty and Shaun McCoy finished the intros, they started their 11 song set with “I Am A Nightmare” off of the new release.

It was obvious from the jump that Bobaflex has stage presence and conviction in their abilities as a band and as songwriters. They have been through many ups and downs in their 20-year career as a band and have also had a few band member switches including the most recent change of guitarist Dave Tipple with Jake Earley. Tipple handpicked Earley to replace him and had him prepped to step right in without any flaws in his or their performance on Saturday night.

 Along with playing songs from their newest release, they also gave the crowd some of their favorites from previous releases in Mama (Don’t Take My Drugs Away) and “A Spider in the Dark” while also memorizing the crowd with their cover of Pink Floyds “Hey You” (Eloquent Demons).  Bobaflex has covered a few classics in the past including an up-tempo version of “The Sound of Silence” ( by Simon and Garfunkle in 2011, years before Disturbed released it as a single.

 The brothers McCoy switched the lead vocal duties throughout their night and the other band members also joined in to provide what can be described as “screaming in harmony.”

As Bobaflex finished their set with “Bury Me With My Guns On” from their 2009 Chemical Valley EP, the packed crowd at Jannus Live gave them a roaring applause that was well deserved. With their new release and backing by a label that believes in them (Thermal Entertainment LLC,) Bobaflex has a shot to become a household name that they should have been for many years now.


It was a great night for rock and a great night to really enjoy some entertaining acts at Jannus Live.  Pay close attention to the supporting acts as they all have something to offer in their own unique style.  I’ll say it again, if you have not had the opportunity to see Bobaflex live, you need to.  Bobaflex is a rockin band who have paid their dues and are dependable for (as Bill and Ted would say) “a most excellent show.”

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